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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident in the LA area due to someone else’s negligence? You may have the right to hold them accountable. Our experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and more. Reach out to M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers at (855) 599-2987 for a free consultation.

We are award-winning attorneys with a demonstrated ability to win the toughest cases. We’ve won more than $700 Million in life-changing settlements and verdicts for injured victims and their families in Southern California.

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How a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles

How M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Hurt in a Motorcycle Accident

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers should be your first ring after you get hurt. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have the experience, resources, and skills you need to win your case.

We’re known and respected attorneys in Southern California. We’ve recovered over $400 million in compensation and earned membership in respected legal organizations like the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100.

When you hire our law firm, you can expect us to:

  • Handle your insurance claim and/or lawsuit from start to finish
  • Explain all of your options for recovery and keep you in the loop throughout the process
  • Investigate your motorcycle accident to determine why it happened and who’s at-fault
  • Anticipate attempts to “victim blame” and derail your case
  • Enlist motorcycle accident experts – from doctors to accident reconstructionists to vocational specialists – to evaluate the full scope and impact of your wreck
  • Help you make important decisions – like whether it’s best to accept a settlement offer or if it’s better to go to court

Let our legal team take care of insurance companies and other tough defendants so that you can focus on your physical and mental recovery. We’ll work tirelessly to win a rightful settlement and get you every cent you deserve.

Reach us today for a free consultation.

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Statistics and Numbers

How Frequent Are Motorcycle Accidents in LA?

There are more than 785,000 motorcycles registered in California. LA and other surrounding locations within the state are among the most popular places to ride. So, it’s not surprising that car accidents involving motorcycles are quite frequent in the area.

According to government numbers, there were a total of 3,971 motorcycle crashes resulting in injuries or fatalities in Los Angeles County in 2019. The city of LA alone saw 1,305 of these wrecks.

That’s between 3 and 4 motorcycle accidents in LA every single day. And, that figure doesn’t even consider crashes that only cause damage to property.

How Can a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

A motorcycle accident attorney can protect your rights from the earliest moments after your accident. They can investigate your accident to collect evidence of the other driver’s fault for the accident — and stop insurers from blaming you. They can calculate your losses after the accident — and prevent insurers from undervaluing your claim.

Motorcycle accident claims can be notoriously complex. Insurance companies tend to blame riders for accidents — usually based on the false idea that motorcycles are dangerous.

Your motorcycle accident attorney may be your greatest asset during your injury claim. Contact M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers to get a free consultation to discuss your case.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California

Most often, one or more of these causes play a role:

Motorcycle accidents are, most often, avoidable. All motorists, including auto drivers on the road, have the responsibility to practice caution and travel in a way that doesn’t put others at risk.

However, as we’ve seen, motorcycle accidents happen often in LA.

Determining the specific cause(s) of a motorcycle accident is the first step toward building a strong claim for damages. Once we know why an accident happens, we can begin to build a case against liable partakers.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcycle Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

A motorcycle is much smaller than a car or big truck. As a motorcycle rider, you are very vulnerable to catastrophic harm and injuries.

These can include:

Wearing a helmet means that victims are statistically less likely to suffer traumatic injuries on the brain, or fatalities, if they’re in an auto accident.

Get medical attention immediately after a motorcycle crash. Getting the attention you need will help to ensure that your all injuries are diagnosed and treated.

Additionally, it’ll establish a causal link between the accident and your injuries. The stronger this link, the more likely it is that you’ll win the higher compensation.

California Helmet Law and Motorcycle Accident Claims

Motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of a brain injury by 69% and the chances of fatality by 42%. Accordingly, state law requires all drivers and passengers to have them on when riding a motorcycle. 

The helmet must comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. If it meets this requirement, it will have a manufacturer-applied label affixed to the back. It must also fit snugly and be securely fastened while riding. 

If you fail to use it and are in an accident, it could remarkably affect your accident claim – even if the other driver was at fault.

For instance, if you suffer a head injury and file a claim for compensation, the defendant will use your failure to wear a helmet against you. Not only is it breaking the law, but your injuries may have been less severe if you wore it during the crash.

However, this defense won’t be as effective if you suffer a fractured leg. A helmet won’t prevent that type of injury. 

If you were in a crash while not wearing a helmet, you could still be entitled to compensation under California’s pure comparative negligence law. Contact us today to discuss your claim, and we’ll analyze your course of action.

Who is Liable for Motorcycle Accidents While Lane Splitting?

Who is Liable for Motorcycle Accidents While Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting is the practice of a motorcycle driving between lanes of traffic going in the same direction. Currently, California is the only state that permits lane splitting. However, it can be dangerous for all the people involved, so motorcyclists should be cautious. 

Since lane splitting is legal in the state, a motorcyclist won’t necessarily be accountable for an accident as they were acting reasonably under the circumstances.

For example, passenger car drivers can be held accountable if they intentionally block a motorcycle from passing and cause harm; therefore they will have to pay for your damages. 

On the other hand, if a motorcyclist is excessively speeding between slow-moving cars and causes a wreck, they may be accountable for causing damages. 

Contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys if you were in a crash while lane splitting. We’ll investigate the accident to determine who is at-fault and help you get fair compensation, even if you were partially at fault.

Compensation for Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

What Types of Damages Are Awarded to Motorcycle Accident Victims?

You can recover compensation for economic and non-economic damages you experience because of an accident.

Economic damages put you back in the financial position you were in before your accident and can include compensation for:

Non-economic awards make up for the consequences of an accident that don’t have a set financial value, such as:

In rare situations, punitive damages might also be applicable. However, there must be convincing evidence that the defendant acted with malice or a reckless disregard for your rights.

Can I Still Get Money If I Share Some of the Blame For a Motorcycle Wreck?

Can I Still Get Compensation If I Have Some of the Blame For a Motorcycle Wreck?

Yes, if you’re not 100 percent at fault. Under California’s pure comparative negligence rule, your damages will be reduced in direct proportion to your portion of fault.

For example, damages valued at $100,000 could be cut down to $75,000 if you’re assigned 25 percent fault. 

In all likelihood, insurance companies and other partakers will try to blame you so that they don’t have to pay you. Make sure you are ready to fight back and defend yourself. Better yet, have our legal team handle these tactics for you.

What Is the Motorcycle Accident Statute of Limitations in California?

What’s the Deadline For Filing a Motorcycle Injury Lawsuit in CA?

The statute of limitations for most personal injury lawsuits in California is two years for lawsuits involving injuries and wrongful death. 

There are instances when the time limit might be different, but those are the exception, not the rule. 

For example, government claims are subject to accelerated timetables. you will have just six months to submit a claim with the at-fault. 

Other times, you might have additional time to submit a lawsuit. The statute can be tolled in some situations, like when a minor is involved or a defendant can’t be located.

Don’t miss the deadline that applies. If you do, you’ll lose the opportunity to secure compensation from those responsible.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles

The steps you take after a motorcycle accident can significantly affect your claim. 

Here’s what you should do after a motorcycle wreck: 

  1. Move to Safety and Get in Touch the Police: It’s always best to dial 911 after an accident, especially as a motorcyclist. These collisions can cause severe injuries, and you may need to go to the hospital immediately. Additionally, a police officer will complete an accident report detailing the people involved, what happened, and other pertinent information about the crash. This will be vital evidence in a claim.
    Remember not to admit fault, even if you think you were to blame for the accident. You may be disoriented, and an investigation may reveal facts you were unaware of at the time. 
  2. Exchange and Gather Information: If you can, interchange information with the drivers involved in the wreck and eyewitnesses, including the name of their insurance company. Take photos and videos of the accident scene, your motorcycle and the vehicle, your injuries, the position of each vehicle, skid marks, etc.
    The police report will be crucial evidence, but so will your documentation of the accident location. 
  3. Get Prompt Medical Treatment: If you aren’t transported to the hospital from the accident location, look for prompt attention from a doctor. You may have an underlying injury that doesn’t present symptoms right away. You will also want a medical record to establish that the wreck caused your injuries. 
  4. Contact a Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney: Motorcycle accidents can be frightening and stressful. While you focus on recovering from your injuries, allow our legal team to fight for the compensation you need to pay for your medical expenses, loss of income, etc., and to get you back on your feet. 

The insurance company will not want to maximize your economic recovery as an injured motorcyclist. The insurance claims adjuster may try to convince you to settle for less compensation than you deserve. Hire an attorney from the beginning to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

What Do I Need to Build a Strong Motorcycle Accident Case?

Motorcycle accident claims can be complex, particularly if the motorcyclist suffered severe and life-altering injuries. 

Here are some things you will need to create a compelling case after a motorcycle collision: 

Proof That You Were Wearing a Helmet

California law requires that all motorcyclists use a helmet while riding. If you weren’t at the time of the accident, the defendant will use that against you to limit their financial responsibility. If you put a camera on it, that will be even better to show how the accident happened and who may be at fault. 

Medical Records

You need medical documentation to prove that the accident caused your injuries. Seeking prompt attention from a doctor after your wreck will be powerful proof that the accident directly led to your injuries. Your physician may also be vital to testify regarding the severity of your injuries and how they influence your day to day. 

Witnesses to the Accident

After your accident, you or the attending police officer should collect contact information from any eyewitnesses. They may be able to testify on your behalf and demonstrate that the other driver was at fault. 

Expert Witness Testimony

The other party may deny liability or say you were partially at fault. An accident reconstructionist can analyze the accident scene and determine how the collision occurred, who is at fault, and other essential information to build a strong case.

You may also need medical or financial experts to testify how the accident affects your quality of life and the economic consequences of your injuries. 

How Much Money is My Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

How Much Financial Compensation is My Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

The monetary costs of a motorcycle accident can be incredibly high. The more serious your injuries, the higher the cost of recovery.

Factor in the pain and suffering you experience, and you could be looking at a motorcycle accident claim that’s worth a lot of money, even millions.

Every case is different. Here are the factors that will affect the valuation of your motorcycle accident:

  • What types of injuries did you suffer in your motorcycle accident?
  • Are you expected to make a full physical recovery?
  • If not, what level of disability or impairment will you have?
  • Has your ability to work and make a living been affected?
  • Will you require nursing care or assistance performing everyday tasks (e.g., bathing, eating, using the bathroom)?
  • What kind of out-of-pocket costs do you have?
  • Did you take steps to mitigate your injuries?
  • Do you take part in any responsibility for your motorcycle wreck?

Insurance companies will fight to minimize the value of your claim. Speak with our qualified and experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys near you to better understand what your case might be worth. We’ll protect your rights and get you results.

What Factors Can Affect My Claim for Motorcycle Accident Compensation?

Motorcycle collisions can be devastating and affect your life forever. You may be unable to engage in the activities you enjoy or work in the same capacity as before the accident.

If another party caused the accident, the compensation you receive should cover your monetary losses and emotional trauma.  

However, many elements may negatively affect the damages you recover in a motorcycle accident claim, for example: 

  • Your Failure to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet: Since all California motorcyclists must have a helmet on while riding, failing to use one could negatively influence your claim. A defendant will assert that you weren’t wearing one to place some of the blame on you and limit their fault. However, this may not affect your case in all situations, such as if you suffered an injury to a different part of your body (e.g., a broken foot). 
  • Driving Without a Valid Motorcycle License: All motorcyclists in the state must have a valid license to operate a motorcycle. If you got in a crash while driving with an invalid, revoked, suspended, or no license, you may be facing penalties and lose compensation in a civil lawsuit. 
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: If you were in a wreck while driving your motorcycle under the influence, it will negatively influence your claim for compensation. You may also come accross criminal penalties. The other driver will understandably claim that your DUI contributed to the accident. You may still be entitled to get compensation if the other driver was at fault, but California’s pure comparative negligence law will likely reduce the reward you receive. 
  • Your Contribution to the Cause of the Accident: There are many ways you may contribute to the cause of the collision. For example, you may share the blame if you are an inexperienced rider and engage in reckless lane splitting. If you are fatigued, you may not be as aware of your surroundings and therefore cannot be driving defensively. These are elements that the defendant can raise to assert that you were partially at fault for the accident.

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LA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Review

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