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These guys are the best. They took the time to answer all of the questions I had about my case and I was completely satisfied with them. Anyone injured should call them – they were invaluable to me after my big car accident. The office staff is always available to answer any questions and the Dr’s they work with are fantastic. In fact, I was so satisfied with them and how they handle their clients that I started a business relationship with them. These guys deserve way more than five stars.


Nick and his partner, had my back all thru process of what I needed to get back on my feet, they let me know everything about my case I needed to know,and walk me through the whole process, it felt like working with family. Thanks for everything.


I found Movagar & Yamin when I was in Los Angeles and involved in an auto accident. I knew nothing about these types of cases or what my rights were. I chose this firm because I got the chance to speak with actual lawyers (other law firms I called referred me to their staff members who weren’t helpful) and they took the time to answer all my questions. From the beginning of my case, they handled everything for me, including my property damage even though they didn’t get paid for that. They then got me a settlement way more than I thought I would get with all my medical bills paid. Give these guys a chance and you won’t regret it. Also, ask them why UIM coverage is so important.


So I feel bad. I was so upset with my previous attorney and them dragging their feet with everything I didn’t give them a fair chance. I really attacked their firm but the issues I was dealing with in regards to my case was due to my previous attorneys inequities. My case was settled for far more than I thought it would be. Nick was hands on with contacting me and making sure that I was informed on each step. I feel very thankful that he took my case on 4th of July holiday and resolved it the day before another holiday. The reviews they get are earned!!! Thanks again for your help and for being my advocate. (Updated Review) In a blink of an eye, my case was settled. The negotiation process was also very quick! I am impressed by how hands on Nick was in this process!! He has tons of clients he could focus on but he worked hard and diligently as of today my file has been closed! Cheers to Nick!! I definitely will be referring people.


What I loved about this firm is that they offer free consultations. They were very honest with me about my personal injury case and advised me of the good and the bad. They didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear just so they could get my business. It was refreshing to have someone so honest.


I was injured in car accident and needed a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles. I found this firm from their great online reviews and they didn’t disappoint. I have no health insurance but Nick and his team got me great medical treatment from Beverly Hills doctors, got my car fixed, and got me an amazing settlement. A car accident case takes a long time but Nick and his team moved it along.


Steve Yamin at Movagar and Yamin and his team are awesome. I hired them on a personal injury case that was denied by the insurance company. Steve and everyone else in the office were fantastic. Their office setting is very professional. I called them constantly asking questions and they answered all my questions. I have referred all my family for car accidents to this lawfirm becuase they do an absolutely great job.