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Life With emoryLife With emory
22:21 18 Jun 24
Great wonderful experience I recommend for other people to use they services
Lucy M AvalosLucy M Avalos
20:39 18 Jun 24
0 I was very satisfied and I will recommend them to my friends and family they did their job very well and yes I would recommend them
Matt B.Matt B.
23:38 17 Jun 24
I signed up with M&Y After googling them. I got my settlement after 6 months, and then negotiated with the medical Facilities to get me a little more on my settlement.
James BerdahlJames Berdahl
23:25 17 Jun 24
Had a amazing experinces with these attorneys always available to answer all questions and amazing at getting the medical treatment needed i would highly recomend
Kelli HessenauerKelli Hessenauer
22:47 17 Jun 24
My experience with M&Y Personal injury lawyers was nothing less than great. My lawyers directed me in the right direction, and took care of every step along the way. Would recommend 10/10 and would use them again if needed.
Nakita PriceNakita Price
00:45 12 Jun 24
M&Y worked really hard to get me the maximum settlement possible. My attorney kept up with my medical appointments and checked on me to make sure I was okay. This firm made me feel like they genuinely cared about me, my health & my family. Thank you so much for caring for us as you would your own family. We were able to pay cash for a new car and not have to worry about car payments.
Maysen SerenoMaysen Sereno
23:24 04 Jun 24
Amanda HuntingAmanda Hunting
23:17 04 Jun 24
Ms. MoonMs. Moon
23:44 03 Jun 24
Alejandro ArmentaAlejandro Armenta
16:27 03 Jun 24
Candy CiriloCandy Cirilo
23:05 31 May 24
Hi this is Lucia cuz they were very cooperative and explained everything in a simple and easy way. They were able to give me a good win on my case
Ismael JacoboIsmael Jacobo
20:46 31 May 24
Having Requested M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers for help was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They took care of my mother and me right away after that awful accident we had. Special thanks to John Garil, who stood by me and kept me updated until my case closed, he was professional and very respectful at all times. Thank you for getting me a good deal.
19:10 23 May 24
M&Y did an amazing job handling my case. They made sure to answer any questions or concerns I had in a timely manner. They made this process smooth and stress free. They worked diligently on my case and got me a nice settlement. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who's been involved in an accident.
Sally SaephanSally Saephan
22:30 10 May 24
My experience with M&Y personal injury lawyers were amazing. They help me with everything that I didn’t had a clue about in a car accident. Through my pains and stuffering i got something instead of nothing. And end up disabled. I want to thanks all the people that worked on my case especially Robert, Jim !!! Thank you big boss!! Thank you all at M&Y personal injury lawyers. Will I recommend my family’s and friends to you guy as well
Steph BASteph BA
22:13 24 Apr 24
M & Y personal injury lawyers made my case a very smooth experience, did their best to minimize bills and expenses. Made sure that I was happy with what I was receiving and always kept me up to date with updates. I appreciate the work they did for me and I can say that if I need a lawyer in any other situation, they’ll be the ones I’m calling.
Kris OKris O
23:19 17 Apr 24
My experience working with M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers has been overwhelmingly positive. I want to express my immense gratitude for their dedication to my case. Their customer service is above 5 stars. Their availability, support, and advocacy made me confident in my choice of having M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers and their team represent me. I would highly recommend and hire again.
Brandi LaneBrandi Lane
23:24 26 Mar 24
M&Y Lawyer's, keep up the good work!!!They take the time out and explain step-by-step on how they operate in your best interests.They listen to your story.They call with updates regarding your claim.Anything you don't understand the agent will assist with any questions you are unfamiliar with.Very friendly team of individuals.Best recommended lawyers in the time of trouble.Thank you Y&M Team
Brandon GarrisonBrandon Garrison
19:14 21 Mar 24
I was in a really bad car accident in 2021. Vehicle was completely totaled and furthermore I was injured in the accident. I've been in car accidents before but never injured badly enough to where I needed to seek out a personal injury attorney. M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys were there for me from beginning to end and I never had to worry about a thing. Everyone one I came into contact with from them was overwhelming friendly and reassuring. They set me up with all of my appointments they made it convenient for me to get to my appointments and even called me periodically during the healing process just to check up on me and see how I was doing! I felt very taken care of the entire time and I knew that I was in very good hands. Car accidents are awful and a inconvenience and I don't wish them on anyone BUT if you get into an accident and you get hurt and you want to make sure you're taken care of and that you can get back to quality of life then look no further than the team over at M&Y Personal Injury Attorneys. They got your back and will get you back on track. Thanks a million you guys. Appreciate your services greatly. 🙏
Margaret KeysMargaret Keys
17:35 21 Mar 24
Great lawyer, great customer service. Thamk you for helping me after my car accident
Joanne BinaJoanne Bina
16:39 21 Mar 24
M&y Rosa did an amazing job on my case even got me money w a lein from child support just wish it could have been more in my pocket.
23:59 20 Mar 24
M&Y Personal Injury Lawyer worked in a very efficient and swift manner! I was able to get all the medical help I needed and was guided through the whole process. We were able to win the case. Would recommend!
Thomas CarterThomas Carter
22:07 20 Mar 24
Very happy with my decision to work with M&Y on this case. It's not a common thing (hopefully) to need the help of a personal injury attorney, but it's important to be in capable and communicative hands when you do. Shoutout to Tracy Tucker, Director of Litigation, and James Zurawski for your guidance when I needed it. And super special shoutout to Rosa Delateja who brought a calm confidence to every call and really fought for me as we wrapped up the case. I sincerely appreciate this team. Hope I never need you again but if I do I know who to call 🙂
Tasharey CrawfordTasharey Crawford
20:05 19 Mar 24
I worked with Rosa D. who was my lien negotiator. My settlement wasn't that much so Rosa had to do some amazing negotiating on my behalf so that I could take home an amount that would help my family and I after my accident. I am amazed at how dedicated she was to helping me. Rosa kept me informed with weekly or bi-weekly phone calls so I didn't have to guess what was happening. She also took the time to explain some complicated processes so that I understood everything. In the end I am so glad that she was my negotiator. I would 100% recommend M&Y and Rosa as the lien negotiator to anyone.
Hope DuenasHope Duenas
15:34 15 Mar 24
Working with the team at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers was a very satisfying experience! The team gets its done! They had great communication, were able to answer all and any questions, and advocated for me in the best way. As previous reviews state, patience is key ☝🏼
Andrea MilesAndrea Miles
01:29 15 Feb 24
My experience with M& Y personal injury lawyers was amazing from start to finish. They made sure i started medical care right away and sent me to the best specialists. Their communication skills are like no other. I felt supported the entire time. I would like to thank everyone i’ve worked with (Attorney Daniel, Ulises,Tracy, Cassandra ,Mary -Kate, Carolina , and Rosa ) who supported me during this difficult time in life. I highly recommend you retain this law firm for any personal injury matters. they ensured i was compensated fairly.Again , thank you so much M&Y
Jerry GardunoJerry Garduno
22:29 18 Jan 24
My experience with M&Y was overall a satisfying one! From keeping me updated with doctors appointments and keeping me updated with the status of my case in general…. Just remember patience is key! I know from experience that it might seem like a long process but in the end M&Y is doing their best to get the best result possible… and believe me when I say I am very very happy with the result I got…. Thank you to the whole team at M&Y! and your business will definitely be recommended by me to anyone that I know that needs any help with any issue!