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Los Angeles has more drivers than any other U.S. city — it also has some of the most serious road defects. From missing guardrails to cracked asphalt to the ubiquitous potholes, drivers are forced to navigate these hazards daily.

Were you recently injured because of a defect on a Los Angeles, CA, area roadway? Our Los Angeles road defects lawyers at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience representing clients who have been injured as a result of dangerous road conditions. We’ve helped them collect the financial compensation they need and deserve, and we’ll work hard to get the same for you.

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We also offer a contingency fee plan that allows you to pay us only when we win your case and you receive compensation.

How Can M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Road Defect Accident in Los Angeles, CA?

How Can M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Help You After a Road Defect Accident in Los Angeles, CA?

As a well-respected personal injury firm, M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers has earned a stellar reputation for excellent legal representation and client service. Our car accident lawyers have successfully fought for injured victims for decades, and we’ll strive to ensure you have the same experience. 

After an accident, you should concentrate on healing. Unfortunately, what most accident victims end up doing is worrying about how they’re going to pay for everything. After all, if you’re recuperating at home, you’re not working as the bills keep coming. That’s where our experienced Los Angeles car accident attorneys can help. 

When you choose us to represent you, we work to get you the maximum compensation available for your injuries and losses. We will get started immediately, taking care of things such as:

  • Conducting a complete accident investigation
  • Compiling evidence from multiple sources
  • Filing insurance claims and court papers 
  • Keeping track of all deadlines and filing dates
  • Negotiating with insurance companies and others
  • Representing you in court should the case go to trial 

Because we work with accident victims every day, we understand how insurance companies treat them. Fortunately, we know the insurance companies’ methods and tricks, and we don’t allow our clients to be manipulated. We handle the negotiations, so you aren’t cheated out of the money you need.

Get in touch with our law offices to discuss your case with our Los Angeles road defects attorneys. There’s no obligation, and your first consultation is free, so call today.

How Bad Are Road Defects in Los Angeles, CA?

Because Los Angeles freeways are so crowded, the asphalt and other components break down much faster than they would elsewhere. Improper design or insufficient maintenance can also lead to road defects. Some common defects include: 

  • Potholes
  • Cracked asphalt
  • Inadequate signage
  • Road shoulders that drop off suddenly
  • Inadequate or missing street lights
  • Inadequate or malfunctioning traffic signals that create hazardous conditions at intersections
  • Roadway design that makes driving hazardous during inclement weather
  • Other design defects that inhibit traffic flow or create driving hazards

Because a governmental entity is responsible for freeway and roadway upkeep, we investigate to determine which entity is responsible for the area of the accident site. 

Remember that if you’re injured by a road defect, you need to report your accident to the responsible entity quickly. Whether it’s the city of Los Angeles, the State of California, Caltrans, or any other government entity responsible for road maintenance, you must start your claim immediately to avoid missing filing deadlines.

Why Road Defects Can Be Hazardous To Los Angeles Drivers

Potholes and other road defects can cause serious injuries to those inside the car. 

These injuries can include: 

Vehicles are also susceptible to accident damage from road defects. Los Angeles drivers spend millions every year repairing their cars because of damages related to:

  • Airbags and seatbelts
  • Chassis and undercarriage
  • Tire blowouts
  • Fenders
  • Cracked or bent wheel rims
  • Suspension system damage, i.e., shocks and struts
  • Complete loss of vehicle (“totaled”)

If you believe a pothole or a road defect has damaged your vehicle, ask your mechanic to do an inspection that will identify these types of damages so you can file your claim. 

Is There a Timeline For Filing a Lawsuit in California?

There is, and it’s not the same as filing a lawsuit against another driver. 

Personal injury claims filed against the city of Los Angeles must be filed within six months of the date of the accident. Claims for property damage must be filed within one year of the date of the accident.

By contrast, filing a lawsuit against another driver has a two-year time limit.

Let Our Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm Help With Your Road Defects Accident

Contact us at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers if you were injured in an accident caused by a road defect in Los Angeles, CA. You may be eligible for compensation for damage to your vehicle, as well as medical bills and lost wages

Whether the responsible party is a county, the city of Los Angeles, the state, Caltrans, or other governmental entities, we’ll help you file your claim and get you the compensation you need. 

Our Los Angeles car accident law firm also handles all car accident cases including:

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