Factors That Can Affect Your Car Accident Settlement Claim

What Can Affect Your Car Accident Settlement Claim? If you or someone you know is injured in an automobile accident, you know how stressful and upsetting post-accident life can be. Accident victims worry about paying their rent, for food and medical bills, obtaining the best medical care, and dealing with their physical and psychological pain. […]

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Not Able to Afford a Doctor After An Auto Accident in Los Angeles? Here is What To Do

Options For Visiting The Doctor After An Auto Accident – If You Can’t Afford It If you have been in an auto accident, it’s crucial that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you have been injured and don’t see a medical professional, your injuries may get worse, and your continued health may […]

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Uber/Lyft Accident Injury Due to Drunk Driver – Who is Responsible?

Liability for Uber or Lyft Accidents involving Drunk Drivers in Los Angeles, California.

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Understanding Tow Truck Accident Injury Claims

What you NEED to know about Tow Truck Accident Injury Claims Tow trucks are commercial vehicles that can inflict considerable harm and damage to persons and property. Tow trucks vary in size from smaller vehicles that tow cars, to larger vehicles that tow buses or trucks like semis. If you live in California, consider calling […]

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How Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claim

Most people use social media to some extent, but have you ever wondered how it could impact your personal injury claim? Find out.

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Car Accident: Can I Sue the Car Company If Airbags Did Not Deploy in the Accident?

Failed Airbag Deployment – What You Should Know. Since 1999, car manufacturers have been required to install driver and front passenger airbags in their vehicles. The goal of an airbag is to slow the forward and side motion of drivers and passengers inside a vehicle after a crash. The airbag system consists of an airbag […]

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Everything You Should Know About Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Laws

Motorcycle Accident Laws – Los Angeles California’s open roads and breathtaking scenery provide the perfect environment for motorcyclists to be free of life’s daily requirements. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of obeying the laws and staying safe on the roads. California motorcycle laws mandate safe practices for both ordinary motor vehicle drivers, as […]

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Guide to Truck Accident Laws in California

Due to the complex nature of Truck Accident Laws in California, this guide provides important information if you’ve been in a Truck Accident in Los Angeles.

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Safety Tips for Bike Riders from M&Y Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer

Safety tips for bicycle riders in Los Angeles brought to you by the top Los Angeles bike attorneys.

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Can I Still File a Personal Injury Lawsuit After Accepting a Settlement?

Filing a Personal Injury Settlement After a Personal Injury Lawsuit – Can You Do It? The vast majority of car accident personal injury claims in California are settled out of court. Some of the cases are settled by car accident lawyers in California, while others are settled by the injured persons without any assistance from […]

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