Los Angeles Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

Being involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, CA, can be a traumatic event. From a distracted driving crash to a speeding accident, the weeks and months following any crash can be challenging. For many individuals, a car accident is their first experience with personal injury cases. Unfortunately, insurance companies often take advantage of accident victims when they do not have a lawyer handling their cases. 

Our lawyers at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers have over 100 years of legal experience representing accident and personal injury victims. Our law firm has recovered over $400 million for our clients. We are dedicated advocates for the rights of accident victims in Los Angeles. 

Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation at (877) 300-4535 to discuss your case with an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer. 

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How M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You After a Car Accident in Los Angeles, CA

You might wonder whether you need a car accident attorney to handle your case. An insurance adjuster will likely tell you that you do not need a lawyer. However, an insurance adjuster protects the insurance company’s best interest above all else.

The best way to know whether you need to hire a car crash attorney in Los Angeles is to meet with us for a free case evaluation. We analyze your case, offer legal advice, and answer questions about car accident claims. 

If you decide to hire M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers to handle your case, you can expect us to:

  • Begin an independent accident investigation to determine how the accident happened and who is responsible 
  • Obtain records from accident investigations by local, county, state, and federal agencies
  • Handle all matters with the insurance company, including filing claims and negotiating car accident settlements 
  • Document your damages to calculate how much your claim is worth
  • Hire expert witnesses, as necessary, to assist with your case
  • Monitor filing deadlines
  • File a lawsuit and argue the case in court if the other parties refuse to agree to a fair settlement amount

Common injuries after a car accident include broken bones, head and brain injuriesspinal cord injuries, and more. If you were injured after an auto accident in Los Angeles, call our law office to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced car accident attorney.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Los Angeles Car Accidents

Common questions our lawyers answer about car accident claims include:

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Los Angeles?

California traffic law requires you to report most traffic accidents within 24 hours of the accident. The best way to report a crash is to call 911 immediately from the crash site. Having the police respond and file an accident report can avoid problems later in your case. 

If possible, take photographs and make a video of the vehicles and the accident scene. Ask people who stopped or witnessed the accident for their names and contact information. Seek prompt medical attention, as delays in medical care can hurt your case.

As soon as possible, contact our office to schedule your free consultation with one of our Los Angeles car accident lawyers. Click here to know more about what to do after a car accident in Los Angeles.

Should I Agree to a Written or Recorded Statement for the Insurance Company?

Insurance adjusters gather information and evidence the insurance company can use to avoid paying a claim. You do not want to do anything to help them in their endeavor. 

Therefore, do not agree to a recorded or written statement. Never admit fault or apologize for the cause of the accident. 

Be very careful when talking to a claims adjuster because most insurance companies record phone calls. Your comments could be intentionally misinterpreted and used to deny or undervalue your claim. 

Can I Recover Compensation if I Was Partially to Blame for the Cause of the Car Crash?

Yes, California has a pure comparative fault law that does not bar accident victims from recovering compensation if they are partially at fault for the cause of their accident

However, your compensation for damages is reduced by your level of fault. For example, if a jury finds that your actions contributed to the collision by 45%, you only receive 55% of the award for damages. 

How Do I Get a Copy of My Accident Report in Los Angeles?

If the California Highway Patrol investigated the car accident, you can request a copy of the accident report in person or by mailing the request form to the nearest CHP office. If the Los Angeles Police Department investigated the crash, you can request a copy of the accident report online or by mail. 

When you hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, the attorney’s office obtains the copies for you. Click here for more information about car accident reports in California.

What Compensation Can I Receive for a Car Accident Claim?

Generally, car accident victims can receive compensation for their economic damages. These damages include reimbursement for their financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages. It can also include out-of-pocket expenses.

You may also receive compensation for non-economic damages, including your pain and suffering. If you sustained permanent impairments, you could be entitled to compensation for future damages, including diminished earning capacity and a decrease in your quality of life

Punitive damages are only awarded in a small number of personal injury lawsuits. Learn more about the types of damages available here.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit?

The California statute of limitations for most car accident claims is two years after the car accident date. If you do not file a lawsuit before the deadline, you lose the right to pursue a legal claim against the at-fault party.

However, there are exceptions to the statute of limitations. Therefore, you should talk with a lawyer as soon as possible to avoid missing the deadline. Visit our blog to learn more about how long you have to file a car accident claim in Los Angeles, CA.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Los Angeles Car Accident Law Firm

If you have additional questions or want to discuss your case, please contact our law office to schedule a free consultation. M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers handles all car accident cases, including:

Our experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers will walk you through the California car accident claims process and help you receive the money you deserve after a crash.



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