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Hit By a Motorcycle

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Hit By a Motorcycle

Being hit by a motorcycle might not seem too serious if you are in a passenger vehicle. However, a motorcycle accident can cause injuries for all parties. Therefore, you must know how to protect your right to fair compensation for damages.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help. We have over 100 years of collective legal experience. Our lawyers from M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers have recovered over $400 million in damages for our clients.

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How Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Hit By a Motorcycle 

How Our Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been Hit By a Motorcycle 

Motorcycles can cause significant harm to bicyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists when they cause a traffic accident.

Proving that the motorcyclist caused the crash is essential if you want to recover compensation for your damages. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help.

When you hire our legal team at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers, we will:

  • Handle all aspects of your personal injury case, including filing insurance claims and pursuing personal injury lawsuits
  • Investigate the crash to determine liability and gather evidence proving fault
  • Document your damages to calculate the correct value for settlement negotiations 
  • Work with expert witnesses, including medical specialists and accident reconstructionists 
  • Aggressively negotiate for the maximum value of your claim 
  • Advocate for you in court if the other party refuses to agree to a reasonable settlement amount

We’ll fight hard to get you the money you deserve after a motor vehicle accident. Call us now to request your free case evaluation with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Los Angeles, California.

Why Would a Motorcycle Hit Another Vehicle or Person in Los Angeles, CA?

Accidents involving motorcycles occur for many reasons. 

Factors that could contribute to the cause of a motorcycle crash include:

Motorcyclists have a duty of care to operate their motor vehicles with reasonable caution to avoid causing injury to another person. If a rider breaches the duty of care by engaging in negligent behavior, the motorcyclist can be held liable if they hit another person or vehicle. 

Damages You Could Receive If You Are Hit By a Motorcycle in Los Angeles 

As the accident victim, you can claim damages for your monetary losses, pain, and suffering. In addition, if the motorcyclist’s conduct meets the requirement for punitive damages, you can ask the jury to award them. 

Examples of economic damages you could be entitled to after being hit by a motorcycle include:

You can also demand compensation for your non-economic damages, including:

The value of your personal injury claim depends on many factors. For example, if you are partially to blame for the cause of the collision, your compensation could be reduced under comparative fault laws. 

On the other hand, if you sustain catastrophic injuries or permanent impairments, the value of your damages is likely to increase. Our legal team will carefully analyze your case to minimize factors that could hurt your case while maximizing factors that increase your chance of receiving more money.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Motorcycle Hits Me in Los Angeles, CA?

The statute of limitations for most traffic accident cases in California is two years from the accident date. However, there are exceptions to the general rule. Therefore, we recommend contacting our office as soon as possible to avoid any issues with deadlines for filing claims. 

What Should I Do If a Motorcycle Hits Me in Los Angeles?

First, move to a safe location and call 911 to report the accident. Then, wait for police and emergency medical services to arrive at the accident scene. 

Gather information and evidence while you wait for help to arrive if it is safe to do so. Ask for the contact information and names of witnesses. Take photographs and make a video of the accident scene.

Remember, do not admit fault while you talk with the police officer. You cannot be sure of your responsibility for a crash until you speak with a lawyer to learn about your legal rights. 

Seek medical treatment immediately. Delaying medical care could hurt your case. Even if you do not believe your injuries are severe, it is best to be seen by a doctor to determine if you sustained injuries that might not be immediately apparent.

Do not agree to a written or recorded statement or discuss the case with a claims adjuster until you can speak with a lawyer. The insurance company will try to minimize liability for the claim. Do not allow an insurance adjuster to convince you to accept a settlement offer or sign a settlement agreement without legal advice. 

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