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A lost load truck accident can cause catastrophic injuries and deaths in Los Angeles, CA. One or more parties could be liable for your damages. We can help you identify those parties and seek fair compensation for your injuries.

Our Los Angeles truck accident lawyers have over 100 years of combined legal experience handling personal injury cases. We have recovered over $400 million for our clients in jury verdicts and settlements. Our award-winning legal team at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers fights to hold negligent trucking companies, truck drivers, shippers, and other parties liable for the harm they cause.

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How Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers Help You After a Lost Load Truck Accident

How Our Los Angeles Truck Accident Lawyers Help You After a Lost Load Truck Accident

When commercial trucks are not loaded correctly, the cargo can shift and fall from the truck during transport. As a result, the truck driver could lose control of the truck, causing a commercial truck accident. Cargo falling onto the road could also cause motorists to crash.

At M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers, we focus on your best interests. We fight to get you the maximum compensation for damages while reducing the stress of dealing with a truck accident claim. 

When you hire our legal team to handle your case, you can expect us to:

  • Investigate why the truck’s load shifted during transit and caused a truck accident
  • Gather evidence from the accident scene, crash reports, witness statements, the truck’s black box, vehicle maintenance records, shipping records, and other sources
  • Build a case proving that the at-fault parties caused the truck accident through their negligent conduct
  • Identify all parties liable for your injuries and damages
  • Defend you against allegations of failure to mitigate damages and contributory fault
  • Work with expert witnesses and accident reconstructionists to gather evidence
  • Calculate the correct value of your damages and fight to recover that amount

Our Los Angeles truck accident attorneys stand up to large trucking companies and their insurance companies. Let us use our considerable resources, skills, and experience to get you a fair settlement for your personal injury claim in Los Angeles, California. 

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What Is a Lost Load Truck Accident?

Commercial trucks carry all types of cargo, including food, furniture, equipment, vehicles, and many other items. Cargo must be loaded and secured correctly to avoid it shifting during transit. Overloaded, unbalanced, and improperly loaded cargo can cause a lost load truck accident. 

Cargo may fall from the truck causing chain reaction car accidents. The cargo blocks roads and creates a hazard for other motorists. Falling cargo from semi-trucks and tractor-trailers can hit another vehicle, causing crashes.

Additionally, cargo that is improperly secured or loaded can shift. The shifting cargo could cause the truck to become difficult to control. The result is the truck driver crashes into other vehicles or objects. 

Unfortunately, lost load truck accidents occurring on interstates and highways are very dangerous. Higher speed limits and more traffic result in multi-vehicle accidents. In addition, drivers do not have time to stop before they crash into lost cargo or the truck itself.

Common Causes of Lost Load Truck Accidents in Los Angeles, CA

Negligence and other wrongdoing are often the cause of lost load truck crashes. One or more parties could be responsible for improperly loading a commercial truck. Common reasons for lost load truck accidents include:

  • Overloading the trailer or truck
  • Failing to use the correct devices to tie down or secure the load
  • Using the wrong vehicle to transport cargo
  • Failing to inspect the truck before and after the cargo is loaded
  • Malfunctioning or defective tiedown straps and other devices
  • Violations of federal regulations for commercial trucks

The trucking company and the truck driver could be held liable for your damages. Additionally, shippers and loaders could also be liable. Truck and parts manufacturers could also be named defendants in a personal injury lawsuit.

Injuries and Damages Caused by Lost Load Truck Accidents

Large truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries and traffic fatalities for occupants of other vehicles. Common types of truck accident injuries include:

  • Internal organ damage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Amputations and loss of limbs
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Severe burns and disfigurement 

The damages caused by a truck accident can be substantial. Victims incur economic damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses. They also experience pain and suffering damages, including emotional distress, decreased quality of life, permanent disabilities, and other non-economic damages.

Our experienced truck accident attorneys aggressively negotiate settlement agreements. However, if the responsible parties refuse to agree to a fair settlement amount, we file a lawsuit and advocate for you in court. 

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Truck accidents can have devastating consequences for truck accident victims. You could sustain lifelong disabilities that require ongoing medical care and nursing care. Therefore, you deserve compensation for all past and future damages.

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