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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 181,764 truck accidents occurred in 2021. These accidents resulted in 90,200 injuries and 5,587 deaths. One of the most common causes of truck accidents is driver error on the part of truck drivers. 

However, determining liability in truck accidents is often complicated and will require a thorough investigation. The experienced Los Angeles truck driver error accident lawyers at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers want to help you hold negligent truck drivers and the companies that hire them accountable for their carelessness. 

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How M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help After a Truck Accident Caused by Driver Error in Los Angeles

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers was founded in 2013 to help injury victims throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. In less than a decade, our illustrious team has recovered more than $400 million for our deserving clients. We are not afraid to go up against large and aggressive insurance companies. Our zealous legal representation has resulted in respect in and out of the legal community, evidenced by our recognition as:

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We have extensive legal experience handling truck accident claims in Los Angeles, California. We can thoroughly investigate your claim, gather compelling evidence to show fault, and fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles today for a free and confidential case consultation. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents 

Truck drivers spend hours on the road. Unfortunately, errors drivers make are often the cause of truck accidents. When truck driver errors are to blame for an accident, the cause of the accident is often due to factors such as:

Even when the commercial truck driver’s error is to blame for an accident, they may not be the only party at fault. Some accidents are due to problems with the truck, in which case, the trucking company or company responsible for maintenance may be to blame for the accident. These accidents may be due to such factors as: 

  • Equipment failure
  • Poor truck maintenance 
  • Brake problems or blown tires
  • Product defects

In other accidents, the problem is with the goods the truck is transporting. Accidents can occur because of:

An experienced truck accident lawyer can investigate the accident and determine how it occurred. 

Who Is Legally Responsible for Truck Accidents in Los Angeles? 

One of the reasons why truck accidents are more complicated than other types of motor vehicle accidents is that there are many parties involved in the trucking industry. Some of the parties who may be responsible for truck accidents include:

  • Truck driver – If a truck driver error caused the accident, the first party you might turn to for accountability is the truck driver. Truck drivers are responsible for ensuring they perform their job safely and making sure they are in the condition to drive. 
  • Trucking company – Trucking companies are responsible for the negligence of their drivers. Additionally, they have other legal duties, including adequately training their drivers, maintaining their vehicles, and establishing and enforcing reasonable policies to ensure their trucks and drivers are safe. 
  • Truck owner – If the truck driver or company leases the truck from another party, the owner of the truck may have certain duties, too, such as maintaining the truck. 
  • Maintenance company – Sometimes, trucking companies outsource maintenance to a separate company. These companies may be responsible when poor maintenance contributed to the accident. 
  • Cargo loading company – If poorly loaded cargo contributed to the accident, the company that loaded the cargo may be responsible for the accident. 
  • Truck or parts manufacturer – The manufacturer of a defective part or truck may be responsible.

An experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer can thoroughly investigate the truck accident to determine who may be at fault for the accident and is accountable for the harm you suffered. 

Contact Our Truck Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles for Help with Your Claim 

The experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers want to help you during this difficult time. We can evaluate the circumstances that led to the accident and determine your legal options. 

We will then recommend a course of action that is aligned with helping you achieve maximum compensation for your claim. We will negotiate aggressively for a fair settlement that will give you the money you deserve following a truck accident caused by a careless truck driver. 

Contact us today for a free case review and to speak with a trusted Los Angeles truck driver error accident attorney. 



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