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What Are the Odds of Dying in a Car Crash in LA?

Palm trees and packed freeways are just two things that come to mind when you think of Los Angeles. 

California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS) reports from data in 2017 that:

  • There were 715 fatal crashes in Los Angeles County (about 2 per day)
  • A total of 62,574 crashes resulted in injury to at least one involved party
  • Another 93,582 wrecks were classified as property damage only

This means that out of 156,871 crashes that happened in LA County in 2017, only 715 of them (0.4 percent) resulted in one or more fatalities.

The True Risk of Driving in LA

With nearly 4 million workers using their vehicles to navigate LA’s highways and roads every day, it may be surprising that the number of fatalities on the road is not higher. Four-tenths of one percent is a small percentage, but no one wants to be involved in one of the two fatal collisions that happen every day.

There are a number of factors identified by SWITRS that elevate the risk of a car accident. Some of these factors include alcohol use, the types of vehicles involved, the type of collision, and the time of day. 

Alcohol Use

The risks of a fatal crash tend to increase whenever alcohol is involved. Alcohol dulls the senses and impairs judgment, leading to delayed or poor decisions. A driver may not slow down or take evasive action to avoid a crash, leading to a DUI accident and collisions at higher speeds.

Types of Vehicles Involved

Crashes that involve motorcycles are more likely to result in severe or fatal injuries to the motorcyclist. This is due to the small size of the motorcycle and the lack of safety features for the rider. Similarly, crashes involving heavy vehicles or commercial trucks are more likely to result in fatal injuries to other motorists.

Type of Collisions

Head-on collisions have the highest chance of survival since vehicles have most of their safety features focused at the front of the vehicle. Conversely, side impact or T-bone crashes pose the greatest risk for motorists because vehicles generally do not have as robust of safety features on the sides.

Time of Day

Finally, fatal crashes are more likely to occur at night, in low-light situations, and during periods of poor weather. Any of these situations make it more challenging for you to see obstacles and avoid them before a collision happens. When you do observe hazards under these circumstances, safely controlling your vehicle can be difficult.

What the Statistics Say About LA Traffic Dangers

California’s statistics say that about 429 accidents of all types will happen every day in Los Angeles County. The majority of these will only result in property damage to vehicles; less than half will lead to any injuries at all. Thus, according to SWITRS, the chance of you or a loved one dying in a car wreck in LA is low.  

Final Thoughts About LA Car Accidents

If you or a loved one happen to be unfortunate enough to be hurt or killed in a car wreck, compensation is often available to assist you. Your medical expenses and time needed for recovery may all be compensable through an insurance claim or lawsuit

This opportunity for compensation increases if the crash occurred because another driver was careless or reckless. Driving under the influence, speeding, or going too fast for the road conditions can all lead to that driver being legally responsible for the harm they cause to you and your loved ones following a crash.

If your loved one died in a crash, you may have a wrongful death claim. Contact a personal injury lawyer for help.

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