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Blind Spot Truck Accidents in California

According to the NHTSA, California reported 416 fatal truck crashes in 2021. That represented 7.3% of fatal truck accidents nationwide. Large trucks include 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, big rigs, tractor-trailers, and other commercial trucks.

Large truck accidents are extremely dangerous. Commercial truck crashes cause catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. One reason for truck crashes is the large blind spots on trucks.

What Are Blind Spots on Commercial Trucks?

Blind spots are areas on a semi-truck where it is nearly impossible for the truck driver to see other vehicles, people, animals, or objects. The blind spots on a semi-truck are located in four primary areas:

  • Immediately in front of the truck extending 20 or more feet
  • Immediately behind the truck extending 30 or more feet
  • Just below and behind the driver’s window down the left side of the truck
  • Along the right side of the truck extending back and diagonally for most of the length of the trailer

Passenger vehicles also have blind spots. However, the blind spots on a large truck are much larger. One reason is the length of the truck and trailer. 

A semi-truck can span 70 to 80 feet or more. Trucks with double trailers can be longer. Additionally, trucks are much taller than passenger vehicles, adding to the area of blind spots.

Trucks have large side mirrors to help truck drivers check blind spots. However, trailers block any attempt to use a rearview mirror to check blind spots. Therefore, truck drivers are limited in their view of the blind spots. 

Common Causes of Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Los Angeles, CA

Truck drivers should do their best to check for blind spots. Failing to check for blind spots is one reason for blind spot accidents. However, other factors could contribute to the cause of a blind spot truck accident in California. 

Vehicles following too closely could result in a blind spot accident. Improper lane changes and turns are another common cause of accidents. Drivers cutting off a truck or driving in a truck’s blind spot can cause a blind spot crash.

The truck driver, motorists, and other parties could be responsible for causing a large truck accident. The parties responsible for causing the crash can be held liable for damages and injuries.

Common Injuries Caused by Blind Spot Truck Accidents in California

Because of the size and weight of a semi-truck, crashes involving large trucks often result in traumatic injuries and life-threatening conditions. Injuries common in truck accident cases include:

Most accident victims require emergency medical services. Prompt medical care is essential to protect your health. It also helps build a case for compensation for injuries and other damages. 

Damages Available for a Blind Spot Truck Accident

The damages in a truck accident can be significant because injuries are severe and often cause permanent impairments or death. Victims can recover compensation for their economic and non-economic damages. Examples of damages in a blind spot truck accident case include:

The value of your damage depends on the circumstances related to your claim. However, the value of damages typically increases as the severity of the injuries increases. Likewise, cases involving permanent impairments and wrongful death could have higher values.

On the other hand, allegations of contributory fault could lower the value of a blind spot truck accident claim. If you are partially to blame for causing the truck crash, California’s comparative negligence laws can decrease your compensation by your level of fault.

An experienced Los Angeles truck accident lawyer understands the complexities involved in these cases. They understand how to fight allegations of fault and correctly value damages to maximize recovery. 

Deadline for Filing Claims for a Blind Spot Truck Accident in California 

The deadline for filing most truck accident lawsuits is two years from the accident date. If you do not file your lawsuit before the California statute of limitations expires, the court can dismiss your lawsuit.

However, factors in a case can change the filing deadline, including the parties involved in the lawsuit. Therefore, the best way to avoid missing the deadline to file a truck accident claim is to contact a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible after the crash. 

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