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Motorcycle Accidents

Why All Motorcycle Riders Should Wear a Helmet Camera

A motorcycle accident is a traumatic event. As a result, you might have difficulty explaining what happened or, worse yet, proving it. Advances in technology have made helmet-mounted cameras affordable for most riders. A camera can provide valuable information to your lawyer, the insurers, and a jury. Below, learn why all motorcycle riders should wear […]


Do You Have to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet in California?

The laws regulating the use of safety equipment vary from state to state. Many Californians wonder about the laws and statutes relating to motorcycle helmets in the Golden State. Put simply, motorcyclists in California are legally required to wear a helmet when operating their vehicle. Motorcycle passengers must also wear appropriate headgear to ride legally.  […]


Best Motorcycle Routes in California

Motorcycle owners choose to ride for many reasons. Your bike might give you a sense of power, freedom, and connection that you cannot get from inside a passenger vehicle. This connection to the outdoors motivates many riders to search for new and exciting motorcycle routes that provide unique experiences. These routes take you through California’s […]


Everything You Should Know About Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Laws

Motorcycle Accident Laws – Los Angeles California’s open roads and breathtaking scenery provide the perfect environment for motorcyclists to be free of life’s daily requirements. But with that freedom comes the responsibility of obeying the laws and staying safe on the roads. California motorcycle laws mandate safe practices for both ordinary motor vehicle drivers, as […]