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Holiday Travel and Increased Accident Risks May Find You in Need of Legal Help

According to AAA, 120 million Americans travel around the holidays. This means more cars and buses on the roads, which can lead to more accidents, especially in California.

This guide helps you understand the risks and what you have to do if you have an accident. 

Holiday Travel Can Be Risky

More Cars, More Accidents

During holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, roads in California get busy. The California Highway Patrol emphasizes that more vehicles on the road means more accidents.

Why Do More Accidents Happen?

The increase in accidents can be attributed to several factors.

  1. Drinking: People often drink during holidays, which can make driving unsafe.
  2. Being Tired: Traveling far and preparing for holidays can make drivers tired.
  3. Bad Weather: Winter weather can make driving harder, especially if you’re not used to the area’s weather patterns.

Statistics on California’s Accidents

The 2019 California SWITRS report shows there were 3,438 deaths and 187,211 injuries from vehicle accidents. The CHP reports that DUI arrests increase by 30% during holidays. Knowing these statistics helps us understand the need for better road safety, especially during busy times. This knowledge is essential for creating safer driving conditions and reducing accidents.

What to Do if You Have an Accident

Right After an Accident

  • Stay Safe: Move to a safe place if you can.
  • Call for Help: Get in touch with emergency services.
  • Exchange Information: Share your details with others involved.
  • Take Pictures: If you can, take photos of the accident scene and talk to witnesses.

Getting Medical Help

Even if you don’t think you’re hurt, seeing a doctor is essential. A thorough medical evaluation is critical as some injuries don’t show up immediately. An early diagnosis can prevent long-term issues and complications and help with a faster recovery. Most importantly, a medical exam can give you peace of mind.

Thinking About a Lawyer

When You Might Need a Lawyer After an Accident

After an accident, a lawyer can help, especially if:

  • You’re not sure who is at fault.
  • You have serious injuries and hefty medical bills.
  • Dealing with insurance is complicated, or their offer seems too low.

Choosing a Good Lawyer

Look for a lawyer with experience in traffic accidents and who knows California’s laws. M & Y Personal Injury Lawyers have been helping people for over ten years. They have lots of good reviews from their clients.

Staying Safe During the Holidays

The holidays should be fun, not tragic. By knowing the risks and being ready, we can make travel safer. If something bad happens, M & Y Lawyers are here with legal help for accidents.

Be Informed and Be Safe

It’s essential to know about the dangers of holiday travel. Understanding these risks and being careful can keep the holidays safe and happy. Whether you’re going nearby or far, remember to drive safely. And if you need help, M & Y Lawyers are just a phone call or website visit away. Our award winning attorneys have recovered more than $700M to date of this writing for those who have been hurt in automobile accidents.

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