How Do Motorcycle Crash Bars Work?

Motorcycle crash bars have been around for many years and are popular due to their various benefits. While a crash bar is a simple piece of equipment, it serves multiple functions.

Crash bars keep motorcycles upright in the event of an accident, minimizing the risk of serious rider injury and protecting motorcycles 

from substantial damage.

Motorcycle crash bars can work wonders should a rider find themselves in a motorcycle accident. 

What Is a Motorcycle Crash Bar?

A motorcycle crash bar is considered safety equipment. Designs may vary depending on the type and size of the motorcycle, but the concept is generally the same. A crash bar is a metal bar that sticks out horizontally a few inches wider than the motorcycle on the lower frame. Motorcycle crash bars are typically made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Motorcycle crash bars work by preventing bikes from tipping and falling over all the way. By maintaining the motorcycle upright, the crash bar protects riders and their bikes.

The Benefits of Motorcycle Crash Bars

Motorcycle crash bars have several advantages. The most significant benefits are as follows.

Protection from Injury

In a recent year, an estimated 82,528 riders sustained injuries in motorcycle accidents. Unlike cars, motorcycles offer riders no protection, increasing the likelihood of injuries. 

Motorcycle crash bars can protect riders from significant injuries to the lower extremities. While a crash bar cannot protect riders in the event they’re thrown off their bike, it can protect them should their bike get hit from the side.

When a bike is hit in a certain direction, riders may find it impossible to prevent the bike from tipping over. When a bike falls over, the rider’s lower extremities, including their legs, feet, and toes, are at risk for severe injury. Riders can experience broken or shattered bones or crushing injuries, many of them resulting in amputations.

Lower leg trauma is one of the most common injuries for motorcycle riders. While a motorcycle crash bar cannot provide total protection, it can minimize the chances of serious injuries to the legs. 

Less Damage to the Motorcycle

When motorcycles tip over, they can suffer extensive damage. This type of damage is particularly common when a motorcycle is hit while parked or when a rider is hit while traveling at lower speeds. 

Some larger, heavier motorcycles are even difficult for riders to pick up once they’ve been knocked over. 

Motorcycles can be costly investments. Having a motorcycle crash bar can help protect your investment, reducing the chance of significant damage.

Gas Tank Protection

While motorcycle crash bars can protect bikes cosmetically, they can also offer gas tank protection in case of an accident. Gas tanks on motorcycles are lightweight, meaning they can be easily punctured. When the gas tank is punctured, it can create a substantial risk of fire in an accident, endangering the rider and others around them.

While a crash bar cannot guarantee that a gas tank will not be punctured, it can reduce the risk of this incident, helping keep riders and pedestrians free from danger.

Do I Need a Motorcycle Crash Bar on My Motorcycle?

There is no legal requirement to have a motorcycle crash bar on your motorcycle. However, it is good to have.

Many newer bikes already come with a pre-installed crash bar. For riders without motorcycle crash bars, they can be purchased and easily installed. Crash bars are relatively inexpensive and have the potential to help you avoid future damage and injuries.

Consider Purchasing Motorcycle Crash Bars for Your Bike

Riding motorcycles can be dangerous, and therefore, any added protection for riders is always welcomed. Considering how easy it is to get a motorcycle crash bar and have it installed at a low cost, there’s no reason not to get one.

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