Motorcycle Parking Laws in California

When it comes to safely operating a motorcycle in a state as populated as California, it is vital to understand the state laws and license requirements governing motorcycles. One of the most important areas riders need to be familiar with is motorcycle parking.

By knowing where it is legal to park, you can ensure you are operating your bike in a safe and responsible manner that prioritizes both your safety and the safety of other motorists.

Additionally, you can save money and time by reducing the number of parking tickets and potential court appearances you could be required to make if you violate these laws. If you operate a motorcycle in the state of California, here are some key tips you need to know about motorcycle parking laws in the state.

California’s High Concentration of Motorcycle Riders

The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) reports that there are approximately 900,000 registered motorcycles in California. This makes for a substantial number of motorcyclists. In fact, California holds more motorcyclists than any other state in the nation. This is why knowing motorcycle laws is so essential.

California Parking Laws for Motorcycles

Many people are aware of the importance of maintaining safety protocols while on the road, but what about when it comes to parking? Take a look at these common places you may park your motorcycle and whether there are any statutes that apply.

Parking on the Street

Parking on the street falls under California Vehicle Code 22502, which states that motorcycles must have at least one wheel that touches the curb to the right of the bike. If the motorcycle is parked on a one-way street, then a single wheel can touch either side of the curb.

Parking on a Sidewalk

Parking a motorcycle on a sidewalk is generally prohibited throughout the state. This act falls under the purview of California Vehicle Code 22500, which states that a person cannot park on the sidewalk. Additionally, the statute also states that no part of the vehicle can extend more than 10 inches over the sidewalk.

This rule applies to all items on the vehicle, including lights, mirrors, and other devices, regardless of their purpose.

Parking Between Cars

The ability to legally park between cars varies by jurisdiction, which means the law can change from city to city. As a general rule, you should only park between two vehicles if both vehicles will have enough room to exit in a safe and responsible manner. Otherwise, they could hit your motorcycle or another person in the process of leaving.

Parking in a Metered Parking Space

Similar to parking between cars, the laws for parking your motorcycle in a metered space vary depending on which jurisdiction you are in. 

This is a good reason why you should always check local ordinances and regulations prior to driving your bike into unknown territory. By doing so, you can ensure you are prepared to deal with any unexpected situations.

If you leave home without checking local ordinances, you can always ask a parking enforcement official. They will have a working knowledge of local ordinances and should be able to provide helpful advice.

Parking in a Parking Garage

Always use caution when parking your motorcycle in a parking garage. This is due to the fact that some garages do not allow motorcycles. Make sure to check with someone before leaving your bike; otherwise, it could be towed.

Stay Safe by Following California’s Motorcycle Parking Laws

Motorcycles are subject to parking laws just as other motor vehicles are. California’s motorcycle parking laws can vary depending on where you are parking your motorcycle. By understanding these laws, you can safely ride and enjoy your motorcycle in California.

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