How to Report an Unsafe Truck Driver in California

Virtually all vehicles traveling on the road are vulnerable to truck accidents. You can contribute to safer roads by reporting unsafe truck drivers to the authorities. 

Keep reading to get all of the information you need to report a truck driving recklessly.

Examples of Dangerous Driving

Driving that demonstrates a disregard or disrespect for other drivers or the property of others is the fundamental definition of reckless driving. The driver’s physical or mental condition may also be a deciding factor in their dangerous activities. Some offenses are seen as innately hazardous. 

Examples of dangerous truck driving may include:

Disregarding safety procedures might also constitute reckless truck driving. In some places, improper seat belt usage is considered hazardous driving.

What Are the Ways to Report Dangerous Truck Driving?

There are various ways to report dangerous truck driving in California. Drivers can take any of the following actions after encountering or witnessing dangerous truck driving.

Alert the California Highway Patrol

By dialing 911, you can alert the California Highway Patrol to reckless driving situations taking place in the moment. If the event has already occurred, you can call their non-emergency number at 1-800-TELLCHP.

Inform the Department of Motor Vehicles About the Truck Driver

A careless truck driver may be reported to the DMV as a possible dangerous driver. You can send a request form or a letter to the DMV asking them to require the truck driver to retake their driving test.

File an Online Reckless Driving Report

There’s not currently an online database where reckless truck driving may be reported. You can report dangerous truck drivers with some apps, but the data is not transmitted to law enforcement. Some of these apps include DrivemeCrazy, FailDriver, and Bad Driver.

What Information Is Most Useful When Reporting Dangerous Truck Driving?

Whatever method you use to file a report on a reckless truck driving event, you must gather information first.

Here are some details you need to note:

  • What are they doing that’s risky or careless?
  • What does the truck driver look like? Are they male or female? What is their approximate age?
  • Where was the dangerous driving taking place? In what direction was the truck heading?

As long as it doesn’t appear likely to worsen the situation, snap a picture of the truck or its license plate if you or your passenger can do so safely. It’s always best to leave it to the police to deal with a reckless truck driver; do not attempt to confront them yourself.

What Happens After You Report Dangerous Truck Driving? 

If you provide the California Highway Patrol with enough details when you report a reckless truck driver, they can decide to send the driver a warning letter. The driver wouldn’t receive a ticket unless an officer saw what happened. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol may decide to notify the DMV about the truck driver.

In some rare instances, the DMV may require a truck driver to retake their driving test. The DMV may also suspend the truck driver’s license if the department determines that the driver lacks the necessary ability to operate a commercial truck.

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