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How Long Do You Have To Go to a Doctor After a Car Accident?

How Long Do You Have To Go To A Doctor After A Car Accident?

Seeking medical attention is one of the most important things people must do after they are involved in a car accident. Prompt medical attention can ensure your medical conditions are diagnosed and that you receive proper treatment. You may also have a limited time to visit a doctor after a car accident for your expenses to be covered by your insurer.

Why Seeking Medical Treatment After a Car Accident Is Essential 

It is important to seek medical treatment after a car accident for various reasons. The first is to protect your health. After you call 911, police and an ambulance may be dispatched if you request it. An emergency medical technician can inspect for any visible injuries and may recommend transport to an emergency department. 

However, not all injuries are readily apparent, such as concussions or internal injuries. You may have injuries and not even be aware of them. Seeking prompt medical treatment can ensure that you receive adequate care for any injuries that the auto accident caused.

Seeking prompt medical treatment can also help establish the link between the accident and your injuries. You will want to inform your treating doctors of the accident and the onset of your symptoms after the accident. Your doctor’s notes and findings may help corroborate your version of events. Additionally, seeking prompt medical attention can help show that you are taking your health seriously and doing everything within your control to minimize your injuries. 

Various Deadlines that May Apply to Your Car Accident Case

There may be a number of timelines that apply to your car accident case, such as:

Deadline To Report an Accident 

California law requires that you report any accident in which you are involved that results in bodily injury, death, or property damage over $1,000 within ten days of the date of the accident. 

Deadline To File a Claim with Your Own Insurance Company 

You may also have a deadline by which to file a claim with your own insurance company, such as through your collision or MedPay coverage. Your insurance policy may include a certain amount of time that you must file your claim to avoid a denial, such as 15 or 30 days after the accident. 

MedPay coverage can help provide benefits to pay some of the immediate expenses you may incur because of a car accident, such as:

  • Doctor’s bills
  • Hospital bills
  • Ambulance bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Burial expenses
  • Imaging test expenses
  • Physical or occupational therapy expenses 
  • Medical equipment
  • Short-term or long-term care

Other insurance companies may try to enforce their policyholders’ time limit to file a claim against you. However, the difference here is that you are not contractually obligated to meet this timeline like you are when you are filing a claim with your own insurance company.

Deadline To File a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Party

California’s statute of limitations for car accident cases is generally two years from the date of the accident. However, there are times when the time limit may be extended. There are also times when you may have less time to file a claim, such as if you are making a claim against a governmental employee who was responsible for the crash and was working at the time of the collision. 

A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Along the Way

Because car accident cases can often be complex and missing a deadline could negatively impact your claim, you may wish to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine the deadlines in your case and to arrange for prompt medical care.

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