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Can I Get a Concussion Without Hitting My Head?

Concussions are the most common type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Every year, thousands of California residents suffer from concussions when their heads experience external forces strong enough to impact the brain

Although direct bumps and blows to the head are more prone to inducing a concussion,

any hard impact on the body can cause the brain to twist or shake inside the skull. A concussion is still possible even when the head is not directly hit.

If you suffer a crash or high-impact accident, you should know the signs and consequences of a concussion.

Common Causes of a Concussion Without Head Impact

Some everyday situations that can result in a concussion without a head injury include:

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Blast impact in construction zones
  • Physical assaults that involve pushing, shaking, or striking
  • Falls from heights or on hard surfaces, such as slipping on wet floors
  • Car accidents where the driver’s head doesn’t impact a surface but is shaken
  • Injuries from high-impact sports, including football, soccer, and gymnastics

Although many injuries don’t involve a direct impact to the head, a concussion can still occur whenever the brain is affected through shaking, sudden movements, or vibrations. 

You should always seek medical attention if you suffer a high-impact injury. In many cases, you might not know you have a concussion right away.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Concussions?

Because concussions can range in severity, the signs and symptoms are not always consistent. In addition, everyone reacts differently after an accident. While some signs may be more apparent, others can be subtle or take days to develop.

Some common indicators of a concussion include:

  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea 
  • Memory loss
  • Drowsiness
  • Blurred vision
  • Change in mood
  • Change in sleep patterns

Medical professionals continue to study concussions and other TBIs. As such, every case presents a unique set of circumstances. In some situations, symptoms will appear immediately. Other times, you may confuse these symptoms for something else. 

A medical evaluation is the best way to determine whether you sustained a concussion. Even a mild concussion can have serious, long-lasting effects.

Getting a concussion increases your risk of a second one, especially when your brain is still healing. Additionally, research has shown a direct connection between multiple concussions and developing chronic brain disease later in life. 

If you suffer regular trauma to your head, you may be at risk of life-threatening conditions down the road.

Testing for a Concussion

The best way to diagnose or rule out a concussion is to consult a doctor who specializes in brain injuries.

Medical professionals will use tools like these to check for a concussion:

  • Eye movement tests
  • Coordination exercises
  • Memory assessments
  • Tests to measure reaction to light

Although CT scans or MRIs can diagnose specific brain injuries, these methods do not help determine a concussion. However, in some severe cases, imaging may help diagnose brain hemorrhages.

Seeking Compensation for Concussion Injuries in a Personal Injury Claim

You have the legal right to pursue compensation whenever you’re injured due to someone else’s negligence and suffer a concussion. 

Negligence can happen in many ways, including:

  • Car accidents from reckless driving
  • Breach of duty of care at your workplace
  • Unsafe conditions at a business or private property

A personal injury claim in California can seek to recover damages you incurred from a concussion, such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you’re thinking about filing a claim, consult an attorney who specializes in brain injury claims.

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