Los Angeles, CA

Two women arrested for beating to death artist, 65, ‘with brass knuckles’ as he waited for a metro while running errands

Two California women have been arrested in the beating death of a 65-year-old man at a train station in Los Angeles two months ago.

The suspects in the vicious killing of John Wayne Whitmore have been identified by the Los Angeles County Sherif’s Department as Tracy Gomez, 24, and Virginia Butler, 23.

Gomez, from Hawthorne, was taken into custody last Sunday and was ordered held on $1,061,000 bail.

Butler was arrested Wednesday at her home in Los Angeles. She is being jailed on $1million bail.

The two women are facing murder charges in connection to the attack on Mr Whitmore, an artist from Los Angeles who was savagely beaten while standing on a platform at the Willowbrook Metro station June 13, reported KTLA.

On Thursday, Ms Gomez pleaded not guilty to a single count of murder. Her alleged accomplice is expected to be arraigned Friday.

According to police, the brutal attack unfolded on June 13 while John Whitmore was waiting for a Blue Line train. It was witnessed by dozens of people, who reportedly did nothing to help the victim.

Investigators said Gomez and Butler approached the 65-year-old bystander

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