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How Auto Accidents Differ from Truck Accidents

At first glance, car and truck accidents may appear the same. Although car and truck accidents have many similarities, the relatively few differences are, by far, more important. This article will use the word trucks to refer to semi-trucks, commercial delivery trucks, tow trucks, and other large vehicles. It includes many of the key differences […]

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Difference Between Drunk vs. Distracted Driving: Which Is Worse?

Imagine driving on the interstate when the drivers in front of you suddenly come to a full stop. You are paying attention to the road and can stop without hitting them. But then you hear a crash and are suddenly pulled back in your seat, then rocketed forward, hitting the steering wheel. Your neck, back, […]

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Typical Evidence Used in Personal Injury Cases

Proving someone caused your injuries and is legally liable can be very difficult. Before suing someone, you need to confirm that your injuries resulted from their negligent actions. Furthermore, you need to collect compelling evidence and convince an insurance company and possibly a jury. While some evidence will prove liability based on negligence, other evidence […]

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Mistakes to Avoid in a California Personal Injury Case

We are all human and make plenty of mistakes. But, making the wrong mistakes can prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. In contrast, other errors can prevent you from receiving any payment at all for your injuries. But all hope isn’t lost. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, follow the […]

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Six Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury law is an extensive tort law field that includes injuries to the body, mind, and emotions. It contrasts property damage law that covers property damage. Following are the six most common personal injury claims pursued against individuals, businesses, and government agencies, among others. Motor Vehicle Crashes – Each year, millions of Americans are […]

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Top Safety Features in Cars That Could Save Your Life

There was a time, many years ago, when tires had innertubes that burst, sending vehicles off the road, injuring, causing property damage, and even taking the lives of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Technology advanced, with seat belts, reinforced steel beams in doors, rollbars, airbags, vehicle crash crumple zones, and more. Cars became safer, and fewer […]

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When Are Car Manufacturers At Fault for Auto Accidents?

One of the first questions asked following a car accident is who was at fault. One possible answer would be that the other driver wasn’t paying attention to the road, was texting on the phone, and was responsible for a three-car pileup. But how often do drivers say that the accident occurred due to a […]

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Facts About Wrongful Death Cases in California

Wrongful death is the death of a human being caused by neglect, omission, negligence, a willful or wrongful act, or default of another. Anyone, including corporations and government agencies, can be held responsible for another person’s death and sued for it. Wrongful deaths include deaths due to car, bicycle, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents, among others. […]

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10 Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

Driving can be fun, but it’s also serious business. When drivers get behind the wheel, they need to understand that driving is a complex interaction between other motorists and vehicles, the weather, and road conditions. No matter how spectacular their driving skills, they are only as good as the drivers around them. In other words, […]

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How To Take Accident Scene Photos After Your California Car Crash

People’s memories are often unreliable due to stress, physical trauma, or psychological injuries. Accident scene photos can provide a clear picture of the injuries and property damage, as well as the accident scene itself. It’s always best to obtain car accident scene evidence immediately after an accident occurs. As time goes by and people arrive […]

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