Los Angeles, CA

A Case Study On A Bicycle Accident

Key Takeaways:
1. The diligence of our personal injury law firm was instrumental in proving the negligence of the defendant.
2. We countered the defense’s claims with sound legal strategies, emphasizing the lack of legal requirement for helmet use for adults in California.
3. The personal injury case was resolved with a satisfactory confidential settlement, reached through mediation, avoiding further court proceedings.

At only 18 years old, our client’s life took an unforeseen turn when he became the victim of a traffic accident in Huntington Beach. As an enthusiastic cyclist, he was on his way to view the sunset by the waterfront when tragedy struck—a vehicle invaded the bike lane and hit him from behind. Despite the facts, the driver involved refused to accept that his action was the cause of the collision with our client’s bike, which was correctly positioned within the lane.

The accident left our client with a concussion, a lower back injury requiring lumbar fusion surgery, and a wrist injury. These setbacks were particularly disheartening as our client was a vigorous exercise enthusiast who invested 2-3 hours daily in his fitness through gym workouts, running, basketball, and cycling. His condition was optimal before the incident, but post-accident, his exercise capacity was greatly diminished. Despite his injuries, our client has made significant progress in regaining his fitness levels over the last three years.

His education was also impacted—he had to withdraw from his community college classes due to his extensive recovery period. This accident didn’t just harm him physically; it disrupted his educational journey.

Our law firm, specializing in personal injury cases, faced considerable challenges: the defendant’s refusal to admit to causing the accident and the fact that our client wasn’t wearing a helmet. The defendant’s lack of admission was initially a stumbling block, but we managed to locate a third-party witness who verified the defendant’s vehicle swerved into our client. This key testimony was crucial in establishing the driver’s negligence.

The defense’s argument that our client’s concussion severity was due to his not wearing a helmet was met with our strategic response. While we recognize the importance of helmet safety, we emphasized that the real issue was the negligent driving that led to the collision. It’s important to note that in California, adults are not legally obliged to wear helmets while cycling.

Our personal injury law firm was persistent in overcoming these hurdles, demonstrating the defendant’s fault and discrediting the defense’s attempts to lessen our client’’s injuries’ gravity. Through our support and the expertise of Attorney Gregory Martin, we offered our client guidance and clear communication throughout his recovery and the complex legal process.

The case concluded with a successful settlement achieved in mediation, sparing the need for a jury trial. Our firm’s exhaustive legal efforts included in-depth discovery, witness depositions, and expert consultations, all of which paved the way for the settlement. Ultimately, our personal injury law firm’s dedication resulted in a confidential and fair compensation for our client.