Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want You To Hire a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer?

Insurance companies have to answer to their shareholders, not to consumers. Their job is to make a profit and pay their shareholders for the investment in the insurance companies. When injured in an accident, insurance companies pay the smallest amount possible for personal injuries and property damage. They hire insurance adjustors to handle claims and train them to discourage injured parties from hiring lawyers.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys Know People Don’t Like To Sue

Insurance companies can be devious, convincing injured parties that a lawsuit isn’t necessary. They make people feel guilty about hiring lawyers and for not settling with the insurance company directly. They tell injured people that hiring an attorney will hold up the settlement process, and the attorney will take one-third of the settlement. Their goal is to encourage the injured person to react before thinking in their best interest: to consult with a personal injury lawyer. If injured in a motor vehicle accident in California, you can contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney for legal advice.

LA Personal Injury Lawyers Know How Much Your Claim Are Worth

Clients always want to know how much their personal injury claims are worth. Experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers tell their clients that it depends upon many factors. Elements such as the percentage of liability, severity of injuries, degree of pain and suffering, the amount of current and future medical bills, the amount of insurance coverage, and many other factors determine how much insurance companies are willing to pay.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Know The Laws

You may be knowledgeable enough to represent yourself in court, saving the cost of legal fees. Still, unless you are a legal expert who knows of all the nuances associated with personal injury law, it is unlikely that you will be able to convince the insurance company to pay the settlement you deserve. If you make critical errors when dealing with an insurance company, you could jeopardize your entire case. Knowledgeable LA personal injury lawyers have the proper training to complete necessary paperwork, litigate or mediate your claim, settle car accident claims, and protect you from an unsympathetic insurance company.

LA Personal Injury Lawyers Improve Your Chances of Obtaining Equitable Compensation

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can significantly impact your personal injury claim settlement. Experienced personal injury lawyers provide benefits beyond their individual skills. They have connections with other personal injury attorney groups and legal associations who help them stay current with personal injury law and defense tactics. In essence, personal injury lawyers utilize other personal injury law firms’ skills and exchange valuable information when it becomes available. If a personal injury case becomes complicated and problematic, your lawyers can access the best legal resources available to fight the insurance companies for you.

Personal injury attorneys have access to teams of knowledgeable and experienced investigators to find and talk with witnesses, gather accident information, determine how your accident occurred, and help personal injury attorneys determine who is liable for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer may also hire an accident reconstruction expert to simulate the accident, interpret accident data, and help attorneys assign responsibility for an accident.

Personal injury lawyers can also hire medical experts to review and interpret your medical records and the injuries you sustained, to convince juries how your future life will be affected.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers Aren’t Easily Intimidated

Insurance companies are not usually intimidated by individuals who handle personal injury cases, but they are intimidated by aggressive personal injury lawyers. Those who have a reputation for being confident in their abilities, conduct detailed investigations, and do not hesitate to take personal injury cases before a judge and jury.

Personal Injury Lawyers Will Take Your Case On A Contingency Basis

Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis and don’t get paid unless they win your case. Personal injury attorneys typically settle cases and help their injured clients receive more than they would if they settled directly with their insurance company. In essence, you have nothing to lose if you consult with a personal injury attorney first.

LA Personal Injury Lawyers Have Trial Experience

Most personal injury cases do not go to trial. Insurance companies know that if they don’t settle out of court, experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will take them to court to obtain a fair settlement. M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers is a Los Angeles based law firm with extensive knowledge of Insurance law and has a successful track record in settling personal injury claims.

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