Understanding Tow Truck Accident Injury Claims

What you NEED to know about Tow Truck Accident Injury Claims

Tow trucks are commercial vehicles that can inflict considerable harm and damage to persons and property. Tow trucks vary in size from smaller vehicles that tow cars, to larger vehicles that tow buses or trucks like semis. If you live in California, consider calling a tow truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles to help with your tow truck accident injury claims.

Why Do Tow Truck Accidents Happen?

There are numerous reasons tow truck accidents occur, many of which can cause significant injuries or fatalities. Some of the more common reasons include:

  • Tow Vehicle Becomes Disconnected – Faulty equipment and tow truck driver negligence can cause a tow vehicle to become disconnected from the tow vehicle.
  • Driver Falls Asleep – Tow truck drivers often work long hours with varying shifts and sometimes fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Tow Truck Brakes Fail – When working properly, tow truck brakes will stop a loaded truck, one towing or carrying vehicles. When the trucks are not properly maintained or the driver doesn’t institute safety precautions, the tow trucks may not stop in time. Freeway off-ramps, steep hills, and sudden stops can be disastrous for any pedestrians or vehicles in their path.
  • Tow Truck Is In The Path of Other Vehicles – Most of the time, tow trucks are adequately illuminated and easily seen by other motorists. But sometimes, tow truck drivers forget to turn their lights on or they are in disrepair and they can cause accidents.
  • Driver Was Under the Influence – Tow truck drivers must obey the rules of the road and that includes driving sober. Prescription drugs and alcohol can impair judgment and should not be used while driving.

Who Owns the Tow Truck Company?

Tow trucks could be owned by small businesses – that may have one or two vehicles, or by large companies such as government agencies that have fleets of vehicles. Public works, state transportation departments, police, and fire departments also use tow trucks. Finding out what type of tow truck company you’re dealing with is good information to have. 

Who Is Responsible For Tow Truck Accidents?

Finding out what type of tow truck company you’re dealing with is good information to have. 

Taking legal action against a small tow truck business can be difficult, but larger tow truck businesses are even more difficult. Large tow truck businesses have teams of insurance company lawyers who fight lawsuits. You need an experienced Los Angeles personal injury accident lawyer on your side.

Choosing an Experienced Lawyer

Tow truck accidents can occur for reasons such as tow truck driver or company negligence, or safety equipment failure. Knowing who is responsible and how to approach an accident injury claim is the job of an experienced tow truck accident injury lawyer.

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers is a tow truck accident lawyer in Los Angeles experienced in tow truck accidents. We fight to get injury victims fair compensation for their injuries and will negotiate with tow truck insurance companies to get you the best settlement. If you or a loved one have been injured in a tow truck accident, call (323) 746-4921 or contact us for a free consultation.

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