The Most Common Truck Accident Regulation Violations

Federal regulations make the commercial trucking industry safer by minimizing accidents, injuries, and deaths. The US Government’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry and helps improve truck driver safety standards across the nation.

Trucking companies and drivers are regulated and must obey the rules outlined for them. But many truck drivers and trucking companies don’t follow the rules and cause serious accidents. When dangerous truck drivers and companies ignore the rules, many people are injured or killed. Some of the most common truck driver violations include:

Excessive Work Hours

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) restrict the number of hours truck drivers can operate their vehicles without rest. Unfortunately, unless commercial truck drivers exceed those hours, it’s difficult for them to make a profit. Drivers who don’t get enough sleep, bathroom, and food breaks have short attention spans and get in accidents more frequently.

Forged Logbooks

Drivers who work more than the law often have two logbooks — one with accurate information and another with fraudulent information. Drivers use the forged logs to deceive the police and circumvent the law. Unfortunately, it frequently works, but other drivers pay the price with their lives.

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Drug and Alcohol Violations

Everyone knows that drug and alcohol use impairs judgment, awareness, and vision. Commercial truck operators who use drugs or alcohol before or while driving can cause serious accidents. Truck companies that do not periodically test new hires and existing employees, especially post-accident, violate federal regulations.

Companies that fail to record and maintain these violations are subjecting themselves to heavy fines and lawsuits.

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Insufficient Training and Driver Screening

Suppose a commercial trucking company allows improperly trained drivers to operate their trucks or haul loaded trailers. In that case, they can be held responsible for any at-fault accidents. Drivers must be trained in safely using a motor vehicle, defensive driving, and other safety concerns.

Truck companies must also screen their drivers by checking their driving records and verifying their driving credentials. The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) requires that all commercial truck drivers are qualified to own a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The CDL license shows proper training and allows drivers to operate an 18-wheel vehicle on the roads legally.

Drivers must also have an up-to-date medical examination card that shows they are medically fit to drive.

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Traffic Violations, Carelessness, and Negligence

Drivers who fail to yield, run traffic lights and stop signs, make improper lane changes, and speed cause more accidents than drivers who obey the law. Did you know that careless, negligent commercial truck drivers cause more severe accidents than drivers of smaller vehicles?  The commercial vehicle’s size and weight make them much more difficult to stop quickly. When they hit a pedestrian or smaller motor vehicle, the results are often devastating.

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Road Rage and Running Vehicles Off The Road

Whether commercial truck drivers accidentally or intentionally run other drivers off the road, the resulting damage can be devastating. Ask any personal motor vehicle driver how it feels to be tailgated, bumped, pushed onto the shoulder, or run off the road into a ditch or guardrail. It’s an intimidating and scary experience that no driver wishes to repeat.

Improper Vehicle Maintenance and Equipment

When commercial vehicle owners fail to maintain their vehicles and equipment properly, drivers’ and pedestrian lives are at risk. Skimping on brakes and steering repairs, and tire replacement is dangerous. So is failing to replace broken tail lights, mirrors, reflectors, and other safety equipment. Drivers who keep their vehicles in safe working conditions conduct daily vehicle inspection and maintenance. Those who don’t maintain their vehicles can be held responsible for their actions.

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Improperly Loaded Freight

A commercial truck with Improperly loaded freight is dangerous to every driver on the road. Drivers, trucking companies, and freight loaders are responsible for accidents that occur because of incorrectly-loaded merchandise. Trailers that are overloaded pose a danger to everyone on the road. Improperly loaded freight can cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles and trailers to flip over on the highway.

Harsh Road Conditions

Commercial truck drivers are supposed to adjust their speed and driving to adapt to road conditions and the weather. When a driver encounters rain, smoke, hail, fog, heavy winds, snow, ice, or roads in need of repair, they should slow down or stop. Commercial truck drivers operate heavy vehicles, often weighing 80,000 pounds. When those drivers make a mistake, it takes a long time to correct. An 80,000 vehicle cannot stop as quickly as a 4,000 car and causes considerably more damage during an accident.

Contacting a Los Angeles Truck Accident Attorney

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