Switching Attorneys in the Middle of a Personal Injury Case

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to handle your lawsuit, you expect them to be experienced, knowledgeable, and competent enough to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why Do People Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

There are many reasons why an injured person would change lawyers. Here are some of the common explanations.

  • You don’t trust or have a personal connection with the lawyer
  • The lawyer rarely, if ever, returns your calls or emails
  • The lawyer doesn’t seem interested in your case
  • You and your lawyer disagree on the direction of your case
  • The case is taking too long to settle
  • Your lawyer was disbarred or died

How Do I Switch Lawyers?

  • Find a New AttorneyYou want to find a new attorney before terminating the current one. Ending the relationship with your present lawyer before finding a replacement may stall the settlement process.
  • Retainer Agreement You and the new Los Angeles personal injury attorney will sign a retainer agreement. The agreement defines the contract terms and responsibilities and gives the attorney the right to represent you.
  • Attorney Change Your new attorney will send forms to the old attorney, the court, and the insurance company. The documents state they are the attorney handling your case and that the previous attorney is no longer working for you.

Switching lawyers is a simple process. Once you sign the retainer agreement, your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will fill out all necessary paperwork and contact your old lawyer.

Does Switching Attorneys Delay or Disrupt My Case?

Changing from your current lawyer to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer won’t negatively affect your case. If you chose the wrong attorney, switching to the right attorney may, in reality, help your case.

But there are reasons why you may not be able to switch lawyers. For instance, if changing lawyers delays the court case, the judge may not approve the switch. Another scenario may be that the attorney you chose may have a conflict of interest with the other attorneys, the case, or the judge.

Before Hiring a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

You want to find an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney committed to getting the most compensation for the injuries sustained. But finding the right personal injury lawyer can be difficult and time-consuming. Especially after a severe injury has left you unable to care for yourself and your family.

Before calling a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, check online reviews and ask family and friends if they know any lawyers they like and trust.

After speaking with a lawyer, ask to visit their office. While at the office, watch how the staff interact with each other and with clients. Is the office clean and tidy, or is it disorganized?

While in the office, ask the following questions.

  • What is the LA personal injury lawyer’s track record on cases like yours?
  • How much do they think your case is worth, and how long will it take to settle?
  • Do they return phone calls, texts, and emails within two days?
  • What lawyers will they assign to your case?

Should You Change LA Personal Injury Lawyers?

Suppose you are dissatisfied with your current lawyer. In that case, it can’t hurt to seek the advice of another personal injury law firm. Your financial well-being may depend upon it.

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