Safety Tips for Bike Riders from M&Y Los Angeles Bike Accident Lawyer

Tips for Bicycle Riders in Los Angeles

In California, bike riding is becoming more popular with health and outdoor enthusiasts. Even though there are many compelling reasons to ride a bike instead of drive, it can be very dangerous unless proper safety precautions are followed.  Los Angeles, in particular, is dangerous for bike riders due to heavy traffic, dense population, and driver distraction. To help stay safe on the road, bike riders need to follow some simple rules.

Safe Bike Riding Tips

Keep the following safety tips in mind every time you decide to go out for a ride.

  • Stay alert, ride at a safe speed, and watch for hazards such as pedestrians, potholes, vehicles, and other bike riders.
  • Ride in the same direction that traffic is moving, not against it.
  • Always wear an approved safety helmet that fits properly.
  • Make sure that your bike is the correct size, weight, and style. Riding a bike that is hard to handle can cause an accident.
  • Bike tires and brakes are important safety features. You need to make sure your tires are properly inflated, have enough tread to help you navigate rough roads, and that your brakes work properly.
  • Wear proper safety gear, and make sure that drivers and pedestrians notice you. Proper safety gear helps protect you in case of an accident. Also, consider adding something to your bike to be heard. Something as simple as a bell can make the difference between getting into an accident or being seen and heard in time to prevent one from happening.
  • During daylight hours, wear bright and reflective clothing. Try not to wear colors that match your bike. You can be seen more easily if you don’t match your surroundings.
  • Don’t ride at night unless you have to. If you do need to ride after dark, wear light-colored or reflective clothing, and have bright flashing lights on all sides of the bike.
  • Always obey the rules of the road.

Common Rules of The Road for Bike Riders

  • The bike laws in California are part of the California vehicle code, and bike riders generally have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicle drivers.
  • They should use bike lanes as often as possible. Vehicles must stay out of the bike lane unless they are making a right-hand turn, and may turn only when the bike lane line is dotted just before the intersection.
  • They need to obey traffic signals and signs. Traffic rules not only protect drivers but passengers and bicyclists as well.
  • Bike riders should stay on the right side of the road unless it is unsafe to do so.
  • Bike riders must use hand signals before making turns or changing lanes to warn traffic around them.
  • When making left turns on a multilane road, bike riders must signal and when safe to do so should move into the left lane before making a left turn.

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