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As a pedestrian, you are at an increased risk for injury while navigating streets and roadways. You have no protection, like someone in a car would, so injuries sustained in a crash tend to be quite severe and even life-threatening. Sadly, the rate of pedestrian-related traffic deaths is higher than you may assume, with the number of pedestrian-related traffic deaths rising across the nation by 11 percent in 2017 when there were 6,000 fatalities.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian, hit by a car, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers. We have vast experience in handling pedestrian accidents and as such can secure you the fairest compensation possible for your injuries. A trusted pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles is your key to winning or settling your case.

Pedestrian Accidents: Most Common Injuries 

From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, pedestrian accidents come with many grave injuries. The most common injuries include:

  • Head trauma, i.e., concussions and TBIs (traumatic brain injuries)
  • Internal bleeding, i.e. rib fractures and brain bleeds
  • Pelvis injuries: Many times, pedestrians are hit in the midsection by cars. Due to the hood design of many vehicles, pelvic fractures and injuries are common in pedestrian accidents.  
  • Spinal cord injuries: Because the spinal cord is responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and the body, even the smallest amount of damage can be devastating.
  • Broken bones, i.e., arms, legs, ribs 
  • Lacerations: This type of injury can have painful, lasting consequences, depending on the location and depth of the injury.
  • Wrongful death: The impact of a vehicle going at a high rate of speed can cause life-ending consequences for the victim.

It’s not just the impact of the car on a body that can cause injuries. After being struck, the pedestrian may fall to the ground, fly into an object such as a building or other vehicle, or land on the hood or windshield of the offending car. 

A pedestrian hit by a car going 15 MPH or less won’t likely sustain fatal injuries. But any faster than that, and the risk of severe injury or death increases exponentially. Not only can injuries to the lower extremities result in long-term mobility issues, but impacts to the head, neck and back can be life-long and life-threatening.

What to do if You’re in a Pedestrian Accident in Los Angeles CA

First, seek medical attention. If you can, document everything that you can, snap photos of the scene and your injuries, and gather witness statements. File a police report and pass on any useful information, such as the driver’s license plate number if it was a hit and run. 

Documenting the scene is critical in determining who was at fault. Take note of any stop or yield signs, crosswalks and traffic signals. See a doctor, even if you don’t think you were injured. Sometimes injuries can take days or longer to manifest. Call M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers immediately.

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