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M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers has been representing injured clients throughout California since 2004. We’ve taken on some of the biggest cases because we have the experience, expertise, and resources to get results.

Auto accidents can cause major physical and psychological trauma that deserves compensation. While driving is second nature to most Americans, an auto accident can instantly and drastically change the lives of both the victims and their families. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 8 and 34. Moreover, many others come away from a car accident with life-altering injuries and/or permanent disabilities.

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers has a proven track record in handling these cases and routinely obtains the maximum insurance recovery for its clients while taking the time to carefully assist its clients with all ancillary needs and concerns that arise along the way, including but not limited to obtaining all necessary medical treatment.

While this can be a difficult time, we are here to make it as easy and pain-free as possible.  M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you through every aspect of this process. We will ensure that you get the best and proper medical treatment that you need, and give you complete guidance on the process of getting a top settlement for your injuries.


Auto Accident FAQs:

How much time do I have after a car accident before I decide to initiate a lawsuit in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, and all of California, the statute of limitations on personal injury claims, including car accident claims, is two years from the date of the accident or incident. California has exceptions to that two-year rule that extend the deadline based on certain criteria and scenarios. Following are three examples of exceptions to the two-year rule.

  • “Delayed Discovery” Rule – The legal doctrine which stops the running of the statute of limitations during the time a plaintiff didn’t discover or could not have discovered that they had suffered harm caused by someone else’s wrongful conduct.
  • Lacking Legal Capacity – The injured person was lacking legal capacity to make decisions at the time of the accident such would be the case with someone under 18 years of age (a minor).
  • Defendant Left California – The defendant left California after the accident but before the lawsuit could be filed.

Another exception includes uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) motorist claims against your own insurance company. Uninsured and underinsured motorist claims can be extended to 5 years, under certain circumstances, because you won’t know if you have a UM or UIM claim until you settle with the 3rd party motorist. Even though you may have up to 5 years, it is always best to file the claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions about California’s statute of limitations and how it may affect your personal injury case, contact your car accident attorney for guidance.

What are the implications if I think the car accident was partly my fault?

Being in a car accident can be upsetting and confusing, but it is important that you keep your wits about you. After an auto or car accident has occurred it is often unclear how the accident happened, who was at-fault, and to what degree they were at-fault. Sometimes, car accidents happen due to one person’s negligence, while other times two or more people may be responsible.

It is imperative that you do not actively accept or appear to be accepting blame for the accident. The words “I’m sorry” can easily be misconstrued as acceptance of blame. Never say you are sorry that an accident happened. Instead, ask if everyone is ok, if anyone has been hurt, or if someone can call the police and an ambulance. The words you use can easily make a potential lawsuit more difficult. To put it another way, chose your words carefully!

The state of California has a pure comparative negligence system of law which states that each person involved in an auto accident is responsible for their share of the fault. For instance, if an investigation into the accident reveals that you are 30% at-fault for the accident, you will be responsible for 30% of the other person’s damages. If the investigation reveals the other person is 70% at-fault he/she will be responsible for 70% of your damages. In essence, if you are awarded $200,000 in damages, you will be entitled to $140,000 (70% x $200,000). If the other person is awarded $100,000 in damages, he/she will be entitled to $30,000 (30% x $100,000).

Experienced car accident lawyers in California can do their own investigation into the accident, with the help of accident scene reconstruction professionals and investigators, and provide evidence that the other driver was partly or completely at-fault. Speaking with experienced and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys in Los Angeles like M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers will help you to get the best possible settlement based on your injuries. Give us a call at 877-771-8175, or contact us via our website link, for a free consultation.

Do I need to go to court if I file a car crash claim?

In the vast majority of car accident cases, car crash injury claims are settled outside of the courtroom and without the need for a lawsuit. Before going to court, the car accident lawyers on each side do their research and decide how much a personal injury case is worth to each of them. The defendant’s (person being accused or sued) insurance company starts with low-ball offers hoping the plaintiff’s (person doing the accusing or suing) lawyer accepts the offer. The Plaintiffs lawyer makes a counteroffer, on the high side, in hope that the insurance company will come back with a much better counteroffer.

The negotiations go on like that for a while until the case is either settled with both sides accepting an offer, or until the plaintiff and their lawyer file a lawsuit. However, even if a lawsuit is filed, it doesn’t automatically go to a judge, jury, and courtroom. The case could still be settled through mediation before it goes to court trial.

Once again, most personal injury and auto accident cases are settled before a plaintiff has to appear in court.

What can I expect if I hire a car accident attorney from the firm of M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers?

Our clients know that lawyer-client communication is essential in providing the best possible legal representation. Immediately after talking with our client, our expert auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles begin the accident investigation, gathering the evidence we need to build a solid and convincing case to take to the negligent driver’s insurance company. At M&Y, our staff of car accident attorneys and paralegals are experienced and educated professionals with a proven track record of winning cases and obtaining equitable settlements for our clients. Insurance companies know who we are, and what we stand for. If insurance companies refuse to offer fair and reasonable settlements out-of-court, they know that we will not hesitate to litigate the case in-court. It doesn’t matter how big or small your case is, we will be here to fight for your right to a fair settlement.

At M&Y personal Injury Lawyers, we take pride in the work we do. If you or someone you care for has been injured in a car accident, call our office at (818) 650-3861for a free consultation, or fill out the online form on our website, and we will get back to you shortly.

My car is wrecked. Should I take photos after the accident?

Definitely Yes! If you can safely do it, take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Keep in mind that your health and well-being is more important than anything else, so be careful when taking pictures around moving vehicles and road hazards.

Remember the expression, “a picture speaks a thousand words”? Your auto accident attorney can use your photos to prove that the accident happened, that your vehicle was damaged, the other driver and vehicle were involved in the accident (some drivers have even denied being involved in an accident), and to show just how serious your injuries are based on the vehicle damage. Insurance companies do everything they can to deny responsibility and to minimize settlement payouts. Pictures also improve the likelihood of getting a settlement without actually going before a judge to litigate a case.

In addition to photos, you can also take video of the accident and the people involved. When you take photos or videos make sure to take front, side, and angle views of all vehicles, and street signs and traffic lights to identify the location. Also take pictures of license plates, insurance cards, personal licenses, and car registrations, and get names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses.

Here at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers, our experienced car accident attorneys’ job is to get you the best settlement for the injuries you sustained. We find that when our clients have pictures and videos of the accident scene and the people involved, it makes our jobs much easier and allows us to get larger settlements for our clients.

How much time would it take to get my case resolved?

It’s understandable that an auto accident victim would want to move forward and settle their personal injury accident case as quickly as possible. So, it is important for injury victims to understand what the auto accident settlement process in California involves and the things that prevent cases from being resolved in a timely manner.

  • Extent of Injuries and Rehabilitation – After an accident occurs, you will have to seek medical advice, go through medical testing, and obtain treatment at one or more medical facilities. It is important that you don’t settle your case until you know the full extent of your injuries, and the length of time it will take to reach maximum recovery. Before settling you should be able to estimate your future medical bills, whether you will be able to go back to work, and whether your pain and suffering will continue and if so how bad will it be.
  • Specific Case Details – There are many things that could slow down the settlement of a case. Common items include missing details in police reports, accidents involving government agencies or commercial trucking firms, or unavailable witnesses.
  • Degree of Fault – If there is a question of fault in an accident, it will certainly hold up the settlement process. Establishing fault in an accident is an important part of the negotiation process because the amount you receive in California under the pure comparative negligence law is based on, at least in part, to the amount someone is liable for your injuries.
  • Negotiation Process – Once your auto crash injury lawyer knows the extent of your injuries, they can attempt to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. Some insurance companies are simply uncooperative, some have a team of lawyers and adjustors whose job it is to reduce claim payouts, while others have backlogs of cases that need to be reviewed before they can get to your case. Getting a quick settlement with some companies can be very difficult.
  • Litigation if no Settlement is Reached – If no settlement can be reached with an insurance company, a personal injury lawsuit will need to be filed. In California, the litigation process can be lengthy due to factors such as allowing time for: the defendant’s attorney to respond to the lawsuit; the discovery phase (fact finding where both sides ask questions), depositions; and witness and medical professional testimony. The jurisdiction of the case, the size of the judge’s caseload, the case complexity, as well as many other things also affect how long it takes before a settlement can be reached.

At M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on handling auto accident claims as quickly as possible, but we don’t compromise our client’s financial goals or the settlement process to do it. Our accident attorneys’ primary goal is to represent clients with honesty, integrity, and efficiency. If you have questions about your personal injury claim, M&Y Personal Injury lawyers in Los Angeles can be contacted by calling (818) 650-3861, or you can fill out our online form, and we will get back to you immediately.

What information should I have to file a car crash claim in Los Angeles, CA?

Insurance companies are in the business of making and retaining as much money as they can. The less money an insurance company pays out in personal injury claims and property damage, the more money it gets to keep.

Insurance companies use certain tactics to retain more of their money. One method is to claim that their policyholder is not responsible, or is only partly responsible for the accident. Another way they try to keep more of their money is by claiming they have not been given adequate proof to support the accident injury claim.

That is why it is so important that you, the injured person, gather as much accident scene information as possible. The more information you obtain to prove your case, the more money you will be able to get from the insurance company. Following are the types of information that should be obtained while at the scene of the accident.

  • Other drivers name and contact information, and the name and contact information of their insurance company
  • Names and contact information of all witnesses
  • Names of police officers who visit the accident scene and fill out the police report
  • Police accident report
  • Photos of each vehicle involved in the accident, including the physical damage, the location of vehicles, license plate numbers, and pictures of the entire accident scene with all vehicles and drivers who were involved in the accident

Insurance companies use tactics to convince injured parties to settle out of court for much less than they could get if represented by an experienced car accident attorney in Los Angeles, CA. The only recourse an injured person has is to hire an experienced accident lawyer to represent their interests and fight the insurance company at their own game.

What damages can I seek in my Los Angeles car accident lawsuit?

If you were in a Los Angeles car accident and decide to seek compensation for your injuries, it’s important to know what types of compensation you can get. In a Los Angeles car accident personal injury lawsuit, you can seek compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Economic Damages

  • Lost wages
  • Future lost wages and loss of earning capacity
  • Rehabilitation
  • Past, present, and future medical costs
  • Out of pocket expenses

Non-Economic Damages

  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical and Emotional distress

Punitive Damages – The intent of punitive damages is punishing a plaintiff for intentional or reckless behavior.

How do I find the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, CA?

We cannot stress enough just how important it is to find the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles. When you’ve been in a car accident, your life will be turned upside down. Your car may be heavily damaged, you will be experiencing accident related pain, you may not be able to work, your medical bills may be piling up, and you may feel like there is nowhere to turn for help. What you do in response to all that stress can make or break you.

That is why it is so important to find and hire the right auto accident lawyer. The difference between hiring a great lawyer and a mediocre one hinges upon you doing your due diligence, spending the time to research, to make sure you find the best auto accident lawyer you can.

It’s important to find a lawyer who knows personal injury law and car accidents inside out, and who practices car accident personal injury law consistently. You need an aggressive lawyer, one who will fight for your legal right to compensation for the injuries you sustained. An accident lawyer who isn’t afraid to stand up to insurance companies when they are refusing to negotiate a fair settlement, and if necessary, to take the insurance companies to court and make them pay.

You want a lawyer who has the expertise and backing of members at their personal injury accident law firm. Find a lawyer who has been recognized by their peers, has awards, accolades, and outstanding online reviews and ratings. Is the lawyer experienced, knowledgeable, competent, friendly, easy to talk with and understand, and do you feel comfortable with them?

Conversely, be careful in your search for a great auto accident lawyer. Don’t automatically hire someone based on their TV profile, billboard ad, or radio advertisements. Many of those lawyers get a lot of car accident cases and turn much of it over to paralegals and legal assistants to do the work. When you hire a lawyer or legal firm to handle your auto accident case, you want them to be experienced enough to steer your case towards victory.

You have one chance to make the right decision, to choose the right accident injury lawyer. A lawyer who will excel in the one thing you need them for, to get you the best possible settlement. M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles is here to help you win your car accident case. We have won many awards, are members in many different organizations, and belong to several bar and court admissions throughout California. Give us a call and let us fight to win your case.

How much does it cost to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer?

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers is paid on a contingency fee basis, and get paid when we win your case. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. We use a retainer agreement, which spells out all the details, so there are no surprises. Before hiring a car accident lawyer to represent you, make sure you understand their game plan and agree with their strategy. If you have any additional questions about fees and expenses, ask your law firm for the details.

Should I seek medical attention just after a car accident in Los Angeles, CA?

Yes! Even if you feel fine and don’t have any symptoms you should always seek medical attention after being in a car accident. Here at M&Y personal Injury lawyers, we have had many clients who didn’t immediately have any accident injury symptoms but began to develop pain from fractures, tissue damage, or internal injuries after they left the accident scene. In fact, it can take days, weeks, or even months before an accident victim starts to feel pain and develop symptoms.

Your first priority is to make sure that you are physically and psychologically ok, and to do that you must be checked by a doctor as soon as possible. Doctors can recognize injuries even when they aren’t apparent to accident victims, and can provide treatment and alert you about medical conditions that may arise at a later time. By seeing a doctor, you also help to protect your legal rights and ensure that the other driver’s insurance company doesn’t claim your injuries were caused by something other than the car accident. If you have injuries and don’t see a doctor and get them treated within a reasonable amount of time after the accident, you may inadvertently relinquish your rights to be paid for certain damages such as future medical bills.

When you have been in a car accident, you may wish to consider talking with an experienced car accident personal injury attorney such as M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers. We can advise you of your legal rights, gather information for your case, and prevent you from making mistakes that could compromise a future settlement agreement. M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers are here to help.

What should I do just after a car accident in Los Angeles?

After a car accident occurs, it’s important to think clearly, protect yourself from additional injuries, and follow these steps.

1. Get to a safe place. The road is a dangerous place for stationary vehicles and pedestrians. If possible, get yourself and your vehicle to the side of the road or any other safe place. Put out safety devices, turn on your flashers, and either stay inside the vehicle or walk to the side of the road, whichever provides the most protection.

2. Call the Police. You should always call the police from the scene of the accident, or somewhere safe nearby. In Los Angeles, the roads are very busy and so are the police so when you call you will be asked how serious the accident is and if anyone is injured. If no injury has occurred, or property damage is under $1,000, the police may not go to the accident scene. If you feel that someone has been hurt, including yourself, ask that the police come to the scene of the accident and tell them that someone is injured. Police officers are trained to look at the facts and assign responsibility for an accident. Make sure that you give them an accurate account of what happened, and let them know of any witnesses who can help. Without a police accident report, it can be very difficult to prove an accident even happened and who was involved.

3. Obtain medical attention as soon as possible. You could have injuries that don’t show up until days or weeks after the car accident. If an ambulance doesn’t arrive at the accident scene, go to a medical facility and be checked out for injuries. Car accident related injuries such as whiplash, TBI (traumatic brain injury), bone fractures, and tissue damage are common injuries that occur. Doctors who are trained in auto accident injuries will know what to look for and will prescribe the necessary and proper treatment to follow. If you don’t see a doctor, you can be risking your health and ability to file a suit for injury and damages.

4. Gather Information while at the scene. After an auto accident occurs, it’s important to gather as much information as possible as soon as possible. Believe it or not, during the chaos that ensues at some accident scenes, negligent drivers sometimes drive away, never to be seen again. Even if they don’t, it’s important that someone gather pertinent information, take pictures, and write down the accident details. It is also important to do so before any accident related information is forgotten. 

  • Obtain the names, addresses, telephone numbers, driver’s licenses, vehicle license plate numbers, and insurance policy information of everyone involved in the accident.
  • Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses. Talk with all witnesses who saw the accident and ask that they also talk with the police. Witness testimony can be very important in proving who was at fault.
  • Take pictures of the other vehicles involved in the accident, their license plate numbers, different views of the accident scene, skid marks, damage to other vehicles, and placement of other vehicles in reference to yours. The more pictures you get, the better your case will be against the negligent driver.
  • Write down as much information as you can about the events that led up to the accident, and any pertinent information about things said and done after the accident. Information such as what lane you and the other driver were in, how fast you and the other driver were going, the name and location of the road you were on, and exactly how the accident happened. Was anyone driving too recklessly, were there other cars involved and how that led up to the accident happening, what direction you were traveling, etc.?
  • If someone else admits fault for the accident, let the police officer know so that they can talk with them about what was said.
  • Keep in mind that leaving a car accident scene, without exchanging information with any other drivers involved, is a felony. Make sure that you gather all pertinent information, call the police, and ask if there is anything else that you need to do before leaving the accident scene. If an officer does not arrive on scene, drive to the local police department to file a report.

5. Don’t admit fault. Make sure that you don’t admit to something that isn’t true, and don’t admit fault to anyone, including the police, witnesses or bystanders. Be extremely careful what you say. Don’t say “sorry” to anyone because it can be misconstrued as admitting blame. Drivers sometimes think they are to blame for an accident, when in fact they are not. Just stick to basic facts, and if you are unsure of something, just say you are unsure. Keep in mind that there is generally a great deal of confusion after an accident occurs, especially with those who have injuries. If you are injured, sometimes it is best to ask the police officer on the scene to talk with you at a later time. A time when you won’t be in pain and will be able to recollect what happened.

6. Contact your insurance company. It is important that you contact your insurance company to let them know about the accident. Some people like to call their personal injury car accident attorney, for guidance, before about talking with their insurance company representative. Either way, be sure to let the insurance company know about the accident within the time specified in the insurance policy.

7. Contact a personal injury attorney who is experienced in car accidents. Los Angeles car accident attorneys, such as M&Y Personal Injury lawyers, will help you protect your rights, advise you how to proceed, immediately begin an investigation into the car accident, hire investigators to talk with witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, and fight to get you the largest settlement based on your injuries. Give us a call at (818) 650-3861, or click here to fill out the online form, and we will get back to you immediately.

Why do I need a Los Angeles car accident attorney after an accident?

Car accident victims who are not represented by personal injury attorneys are treated differently by insurance companies than those who seek legal assistance from an experienced car accident attorney. When car accident victims seek payment from insurance companies on their own, insurance companies generally offer them as little money as possible so they will just go away. Insurance companies consider these types of personal injuries to be “nuisance value claims”. In fact, the amount paid to the injured victim is generally a small fraction of what they could receive if they hired a personal injury attorney to represent them. If an insurance company feels the victim has a valid claim against their driver, they will settle the claim as fast as possible while making the injured person feel like they are doing them a favor by paying them anything at all. They settle claims quickly hoping that the car accident victim doesn’t have an unrecognized long-term injury, and doesn’t hire an attorney to represent them. The sooner the insurance company settles the case, the less likely they are of having to pay out for undiscovered serious long-term injuries.

Car accident victims often don’t understand that injuries can take months and even years to recover from, and that current and long-term medical bills, lost wages, and property damage can be much higher than they initially thought. Car accident victims also don’t understand that the pain and suffering they endure has a monetary value. The money they obtain can help provide the financial security they need to move on with their life. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced attorney who can help them obtain the best possible financial settlement.

Personal injury claims, especially those that result in serious injuries, can be exhausting and complicated. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers and insurance adjustors who work for them, to protect their interests with the goal of minimizing how much they have to pay when their drivers get into accidents. Individuals who try fighting an insurance company on their own often find themselves feeling like they are fighting an uphill battle they can never win.

By contacting M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers to represent you, you can be assured that we will handle your car accident personal injury case quickly and efficiently. Our policy is to start investigating cases as soon as clients hire us, to protect their legal rights and ensure that they are not blamed for an accident that was not their fault, and to apply all of our legal experience and know-how to get them the best possible settlement. The insurance companies have their teams of lawyers and adjustors on their side, so why not have your own team of legal professionals fighting in your corner? Contact us for a free car accident consultation, and let us show you how M&Y Personal Injury lawyers can help maximize your car accident personal injury claim.

How hard is it to get compensation after a Los Angeles car accident?

There are many variables which dictate the amount of compensation a person receives from a Los Angeles car accident claim. It really depends upon the circumstances of each case.

Some cases are easier because the circumstances surrounding the car accident, such as assigning responsibility, are easy to prove. Other cases require a considerably greater amount of work to settle the case out of court, while other cases end up in court because the insurance company refuses to accept responsibility for their negligent driver’s actions.

If a negligent driver has considerable liability insurance coverage, there is a greater chance of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. But if the driver has little or no liability insurance then the likelihood of receiving fair compensation is limited unless you have adequate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage on your car insurance policy.

Time is also a deciding factor in whether or not you receive fair compensation for your injuries. If you wait too long to hire an auto accident injury attorney to represent you, the attorney may not be able to gather enough evidence to defend your injury claim because the evidence is no longer available. Plus, your window of opportunity may be lost due to the two-year statute of limitations.

Medical evidence is also important. If you were injured in a car accident and did not follow-up by getting timely and proper medical care, it may be very difficult to prove that your injuries were related to the car accident. Insurance companies often question why injured plaintiffs didn’t receive timely medical care for injuries they say were sustained in a car accident.

In summary, if you have been injured in a California car accident, you should consider getting help from an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer like M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers. We understand the personal injury laws and know how to protect your rights. The longer you wait, and the more mistakes you make, the less successful you will be in your personal injury claim.

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