Tracy Tucker

Tracy Adam Tucker, Esq. is the Director of Litigation at M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers. After having served as a Senior Trial Attorney for various major insurance companies for over 30 years, Tracy now brings that knowledge and experience to assist M&Y clients in their efforts to obtain the justice and their families so richly deserve.

Insurance companies such as State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Geico all have one thing in common: a strong desire to pay plaintiffs as little as possible. With their unlimited resources and deep pockets, they hire the best expert witnesses and insurance defense trial lawyers, all of whom know who their “master” truly is. Their television and social media advertisements are designed to confuse the general public and potential jurors into thinking the insurance company is there to serve and protect potential victims, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

The only way to defeat the insurance companies and their highly paid litigation teams is by being smarter and out working them. Unlike most law firms, M&Y uses a TEAM approach to ensure our client victims obtain full and complete justice for the damages and injuries they sustained because of the reckless and/or negligent actions of another. As the 6’6”, 275 lbs. former football offensive tackle often says: “My job is to protect our clients and their families, pound and out work the insurance company and their lawyers, and leverage our M&Y skills and talents to ensure full and complete VICTORY for all of our amazing clients and their loved ones.”

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