How to Pick a Personal Injury Lawyer

What to look for when picking a Personal Injury Lawyer

Make sure that you have the best possible representation for your personal injury case by following this straightforward guide.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident of any kind, chances are that you are feeling confused and overwhelmed. You may be in pain, receiving medical treatment, and stressed about mounting bills and an inability to work due to your injuries. You may want to sue the responsible party, but you don’t have the first clue about how to go about finding a really good personal injury attorney.

When you’re looking for an attorney after becoming injured, it’s important to select a lawyer or law firm that has plenty of experience representing clients in the type of case that you have. Looking for this quality and a few other important factors can help make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.


Not all lawyers are experts in personal injury cases. Personal injury cases require an understanding of not just the law, but the science behind accidents — and the ability to deftly handle negotiations with insurance companies and other attorneys. When looking for a personal injury attorney, seek one that has experience handling the specific type of case that you’re planning on bringing. If you were hurt by a city bus, search for an attorney who has handled these types of cases; if you were hurt by a dangerous product, find a lawyer who is skilled in products liability cases. While each case is unique, having experience with similar types of cases can help a lawyer achieve the best possible result for your case.


While your attorney should be courteous to other parties involved in your case and follow all of the rules of court, he or she should also represent you as aggressively as possible. You deserve and should seek zealous representation — a personal injury attorney who won’t back down from insurance companies who want to give you a low settlement offer, or from other lawyers who don’t think that their client should pay for your injuries. An aggressive lawyer will stay within the bounds of the law while working hard to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your accident.


Communication is critical to the success of your personal injury lawsuit. That is why you should look for a lawyer who is actually available to you and responsive to your questions and concerns. Whether the attorney himself takes your calls or he delegates the matter to a junior attorney or even paralegal, it is critical that you are kept updated on what is happening in your case. As the client, you are entitled to know your case status — and your lawyer should be diligent in making sure that you get this information regularly. Your personal injury attorney should also listen closely to you, so that she fully understands the nature of your claim and addresses all of your concerns. When selecting a law firm, make sure that you choose one that will be responsive to you.


In order to have a successful attorney-client relationship, you must trust your attorney and have confidence in his or her commitment to represent you well. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the personal injury attorney you have chosen to represent you. A lawsuit can take a substantial amount of time, and being confident that your lawyer is both honest and trustworthy can help ease the stress of the situation.

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