How To Deal With Insurance Claims Adjusters and Their Dirty Tricks

Dealing With an Insurance Claims Adjuster

The job of an insurance adjuster is to pay you as little as possible and to settle your claim before you have a chance to hire an attorney. Here is a handful of the dirty tricks they employ.

Minimizing Communication, and Delaying Payment of Your Claim

After an accident, you will have many questions and will be looking for answers. You’ll want to know who will be paying your medical bills, replacing your lost income, paying for the damage to your car, among other things. You’ll try to talk with the other driver’s insurance company adjuster. But the insurance adjuster may take their time calling you back claiming it’s because they’re busy with other accident cases. They may even delay paying your claim for a while. These are tactics to make you desperate so you will settle your claim for less than it is worth.

Pretending They are Your Friend

An insurance adjuster may claim they have your interests in mind, and tell you that the more information you provide the faster they can settle your claim. They often appear to be sympathetic to your injuries and pretend to understand how difficult and traumatic the accident has been for your family. In truth, they are gaining your trust so they can convince you that the settlement amount they offer is fair. Don’t fall for it.

Requesting a Recorded Statement

An adjuster may ask to record your statement so the insurance company can review it at a later date. You may not mind providing that information since you know the accident wasn’t your fault and there is nothing to hide. But, insurance adjusters are sneaky. Anything you say in a recorded conversation can be used against you in a lawsuit. Something as simple as saying “I’m sorry” can be construed as an admission of fault.

Encouraging You to Give Medical Records Authorization

For the insurance company to obtain your medical records, you have to sign a medical release form. Be careful that the release form they supply you does not ask for information unrelated to the accident. If you sign a medical information release form allowing access to your medical history before the accident, the adjuster may claim that one or more of your previous injuries are the cause of your pain. Don’t sign away information that is not directly related to the accident. Better yet, talk with an auto accident attorney Los Angeles before speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Monitoring Your Personal Life (Surveillance)

Insurance company adjusters want to make your injuries appear less severe than they are. An adjuster may have someone record your activities, and use the records to say you aren’t injured at all, or that your injuries aren’t as bad as you say. Insurance company adjusters will attempt to use your social media to their advantage. They may search online for pictures and videos of you doing the things that could raise doubts about your injuries. Even statements made by you, or others who know you, can be used against you.

Implying You Don’t Need a Lawyer

Of all the dirty tricks that insurance adjusters employ, suggesting that you don’t need a lawyer may be the worst. When an adjuster implies that you shouldn’t hire a lawyer, it may be because they have something to hide and are scared of what a personal injury lawyer will uncover. Experienced adjusters know that people who are not represented by a personal injury lawyer generally receive far less compensation than those represented by a lawyer. Remember, car accident lawyers don’t get paid unless they win your case.

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Insurance company adjusters are not your friends. Their job is to pay you little or nothing for your personal injury claim. Don’t fall into the trap of believing what they say. Dealing with insurance adjuster on your own is a risky task at best. They are experts in obtaining information and twisting the truth. The sooner you call M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers, the sooner we can protect your rights, provide you with expert legal advice, and start your personal injury claim. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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