How Can I Prove a Speeding Driver Caused My Car Accident?

We all know that speed kills. But did you know that speeding causes approximately one-third of all motor vehicle accidents? The faster a motorist drives, the more property damage and personal injury occur. Speeding drivers have less time to react to road conditions, other motorists, and pedestrians, to name a few. It also takes longer for a speeding vehicle to come to a full stop.

Accident victims deserve compensation for the injuries they sustain from a speeding at-fault driver. But how do you prove someone was speeding and is responsible for personal injuries and property damage? There are many ways to prove that a speeding driver caused an accident. You may need the best car accident lawyer Los Angeles to help you solve your accident problems.

Following are the most common ways Los Angeles car accident lawyers can prove speeding caused an accident.

Witness Testimony

There are two types of witness testimony, accident witnesses and expert witnesses. Accident witnesses are people who were present when the accident occurred and saw what happened. They can testify what they saw and provide otherwise unavailable information, such as excessive driver speed or running traffic lights.

Expert witnesses who review all the accident scene evidence can provide their professional opinion of how the accident occurred. Familiar expert witnesses include law enforcement officials, forensic experts, and accident reconstruction experts.

Onboard Vehicle Electronic Devices and Dashcams

Commercial vehicles often have onboard electronic devices that detect how fast they are moving when crashes occur. They may also have devices designed to monitor braking, engine speed, and other items to tell how drivers reacted before their collisions.

Dashcams are standard tools used in many commercial vehicles. Drivers, both commercial and non-commercial, use them to document their driving and to show how accidents occur.

Experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyers know how difficult it can be to prove who was at fault.

GPS Data

Ground positioning system (GPS) data can help prove how fast a driver was moving through traffic and demonstrates that they reached a destination too soon. For instance, the law limits truck drivers to drive a maximum number of hours each day. If a driver gets to their destination in 12 hours, that should take them 18 hours; it proves the driver drove too many hours without rest. Conversely, GPS data can also prove a driver was driving the speed limit just before a crash.

Skid Marks on the Pavement

Accident reconstruction experts can look at skid marks and accurately tell how fast a driver was moving and when they applied the brakes before an accident. The more quickly a vehicle is moving, the longer the skid marks will be. Your best car accident lawyer Los Angeles knows what top reconstruction experts to call.

Road Debris

Accident reconstruction experts can also tell how fast a truck was moving by the distance between the vehicles and the road debris. Logically, the harder a car is hit, the farther away the parts of the car will be.

Physical Damage to Vehicles and Property

Just like skid marks and road debris, vehicle damage provides invaluable evidence for an insurance claim. Vehicle manufacturers document how much damage their cars can take under varying circumstances. Accident experts utilize vehicle manufacturer and property damage data to calculate how fast a truck must be moving to cause a certain amount of damage.

Police Reports

It’s always essential that police officers file accident reports, especially when someone is injured. After an accident, always call the police, request they file a police report, and check to ensure the description is accurate. Accident reports contain detailed information about who caused the accident and whether any citations were issued. The police report can help a Car Accident Lawyer Los Angeles CA win your case.

Surveillance Footage and Accident Scene Photos

Increasingly, more homes and businesses are installing video cameras to protect their property from intruders and vandals. Those same cameras are proving invaluable in documenting vehicle accidents.

Also, accident scene photos provide experts with incontrovertible evidence of how accidents occur. Skid marks, debris, crushed vehicles, and similar images can help experts piece-together a truck’s speed and fault for the accident.

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