Finding a Lawyer for a Car Accident Claim

Filing an Accident Claim With A Lawyer

You have been hurt in a car accident and believe that your injuries are severe enough to file a claim against the other driver. Unfortunately, not all lawyers can provide the same care and expertise that a car accident personal injury lawyer can. So, how do you find a personal injury lawyer to take over your case?

First, carefully research and find a lawyer who has extensive experience in not only personal injury law but also car accident claims. Look at online reviews, ask family, friends, and business acquaintances if they know of any attorneys, and read the attorney’s website to find additional information. You want to become as familiar as possible with the attorneys you are considering before giving them a call. Second, after you have gathered a list of personal injury attorneys, consider the following information before making a decision.

Deciding Who Will Represent You

  • Automobile Injury Experience There are many lawyers who say they have experience in car accident claim cases, but you want a lawyer with a proven jury trial and car accident claim settlement experience.
  • Specializes in Personal Injury Law You want a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases such as car accident claims. You do NOT want to hire a lawyer who handles many different types of law, such as criminal law; divorce law; bankruptcy; etc. Remember the phrase, “expert in everything, master of none”.
  • Recognitions and Awards You want a legal firm that has many recognitions and awards related to their field of law.  
  • Easy to Contact You want a legal firm that makes a point of responding to you quickly when you contact them. Make sure you have your lawyer’s email address and the firm’s or attorney’s phone number.
  • Trial Ready You want to hire an attorney who isn’t afraid to go to trial, and who has considerable trial experience. Many attorneys don’t want to go to trial because of all of the work and expense involved in preparing for it. Or, they simply don’t know how to successfully prepare for and finish a trial. Ask the lawyer how much experience they have in trial cases and whether they think your case is worth taking to a trial jury. Also, find out how many cases like yours they have handled, and what percentage of the time those cases went to trial?
  • Trust, Respect, and Likeability It’s important that the lawyer or firm that you work with is somebody you feel comfortable with. A personal injury case, such as an automobile accident, involves a great deal of heartache, takes a lot of time to settle, and therefore requires a great deal of trust and honesty from both you and the attorney. You want the person who represents you to be there when you need them most.
  • Interest In You You want someone who will get to know you not because they have to, but because they care about your welfare. Someone who understands how the accident has impacted your life, and how they can help you get through that terrible ordeal.
  • Making Your Post Accident Life Better You don’t want to hire a lawyer who is only interested in making a “buck”. You want to hire a lawyer who helps you deal with your post-accident life.  A lawyer who helps you find the best Doctors, therapists, and other medical professionals. A lawyer who provides helpful advice, and obtains the best possible financial settlement for you.
  • Dedication You need a lawyer who is committed to making sure that justice is served. When you are injured, through no fault of your own, the last thing you want to hear is that your case is too difficult to win. You need a lawyer who fights, tooth and nail, for your rights.
  • Costs Ask the lawyer if you will have to pay upfront for the costs associated with your case, or if you pay them after the case is settled? A lawyer who understands your financial position knows that you probably won’t be able to pay those costs before your car accident case is settled.
  • Contingency Fee Will the lawyer handle your case on a contingency fee basis, and receive payment only if they win the case? If they say no, then consider hiring another attorney. A lawyer who isn’t paid on a contingency fee basis may not believe they can win your case.
  • Medical Knowledge Is the lawyer knowledgeable about your types of medical issues? A lawyer who is experienced and well-informed about your medical issues is likely to be very helpful when it comes to settling the case or explaining your injuries to a jury.
  • Quick Cases and Long Cases If your case takes a long time to settle, how will the lawyer handle it? Some lawyers only want easy cases, and refuse the more difficult ones. You want a lawyer who will stick with your case even if it takes a long time to settle.

These are the types of questions that you need to know the answers to before hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you. There are many attorneys who “hang out a shingle” and pretend to be excellent personal injury lawyers but don’t have the knowledge or experience necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. After all, it is your case and you want to make sure that it is handled correctly.

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