Factors That Can Affect Your Car Accident Settlement Claim

What Can Affect Your Car Accident Settlement Claim?

If you or someone you know is injured in an automobile accident, you know how stressful and upsetting post-accident life can be. Accident victims worry about paying their rent, for food and medical bills, obtaining the best medical care, and dealing with their physical and psychological pain. But there is more to worry about than pain, suffering, and paying the bills. The things you say and do will determine how much compensation you receive for the injuries sustained.

Talking with Insurance Adjusters or Accepting Offers Without Legal Guidance

When you have been in a car accident, you may be inclined to call the insurance company and tell them about your injuries. But you shouldn’t talk with an insurance company representative about your car accident or personal injuries before consulting the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles. Insurance companies are in business to make money. The fewer claims they pay, the more profit they make. If you were injured in a California car accident, you can talk with a car accident injury lawyer in Los Angeles, such as M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers.

Seeking Medical Attention Following an Accident

Car accident victims often refuse medical care when they think they are not injured, or their injuries are minor. That indifference can have catastrophic consequences. Hours, days, or weeks after car accidents, victims may develop pain from injuries they were unaware they had. Failing to treat injuries immediately after they occur can result in longer healing times, or far worse, permanent damage.

Besides, if you are injured and don’t seek medical treatment shortly after the car accident, the insurance company can say you were not injured in the accident. When you obtain medical treatment, tell the doctor about your injuries and when the pain started. Listen to your doctor’s medical advice.

Gauging the Severity of Your Injuries and Linking the Car Accident to Your Injuries

The amount of compensation you receive will have a direct bearing on how severely you were injured and how well your medical records support those injuries. Victims who have severe injuries that affect areas such as the brain and spinal cord, or suffer disfiguring burns may be entitled to greater compensation than victims who have less severe injuries. The longer it takes to heal, and the more pain you have, the higher your compensation.

Accident victims must get follow-up medical care as soon as possible after their accident occurs. When an accident victim goes to the doctor shortly after they are injured, the doctor can link the injuries to the car accident. Supporting medical records may be the difference between a large settlement, and a smaller one.

Documenting the Accident, Determining Fault, and Reporting Accident Events

  • Documenting the Accident – While at the accident scene, it’s important to document as much information possible. Use your camera to record videos and take pictures of vehicle damage and the injuries sustained.
  • Determining Fault – Never admit, or appear to admit guilt. Never say “I’m sorry” because it sounds like you are admitting fault for the accident. Even if you think you are responsible for an accident, never say it. Responsibility for an accident cannot be determined before conducting a thorough investigation. Let your attorney investigate and decide who is responsible for the accident.
  • Reporting Accident Events –  When reporting the accident, stick with the facts and what you believe to be true. Make sure that you tell police officers, medical personnel, people at the scene, and others the same thing you relate to the insurance company. Better yet, contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer can advise you what to say and to whom to talk.

Finding the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

After a car accident, you should always contact a lawyer who will represent your interests. An experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer will investigate and evaluate your case, determine who is responsible, and decide how much your personal injury case is worth. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will also negotiate compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages with the insurance company.

M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers know how difficult it is for accident victims to obtain fair compensation for their injuries. If you want a dedicated and experienced Los Angeles car accident law firm to review your case, give us a call or fill out the brief online form.


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