Nick handled my auto injury case–I was hit while entering the freeway by an out of state driver. At the time of the accident I was grateful to be able drive away after exchanging info and snapping some photos, and I expected to be sore as hell for a week. I didnt want to involve a lawyer but over the next month things started getting worse–discovered my beloved car was being declared a TOTAL LOSS by insurance co, back and neck were not healing with chiropractic treatment, recurring headaches made it difficult to concentrate on finding work, I didn’t have personal health insurance so I was paying out of pocket for medical and I realized I wasn’t going to just shake this injury off… finally I called Nick and his partners. He was fantastic, IMMEDIATELY got me real medical treatment and exams.  He put my health first and foremost and was there every step of the way, and he ultimately negotiated a settlement that was above and beyond anything I had expected.

Sanford J

These guys right here are the best lawyers regarding injury related issues from car accidents, etc. Nick Movaghar and Steve Yamin are top notch, extremely professional, and awesome at what they do.  Everything they promised me was fully met and beyond it… They were available for me everyday for any questions I had regarding ANYTHING for 7 months straight! Through my easy times and especially my hard times they were there for me and made sure everything was going to be alright, and it was. The treatments I had were very beneficial, the hospital and doctors they referred me to were top notch and their services were amazing. Not to mention that the outcome and my settlement was mind blowing!

I repeat, Nick Movaghar and Steve Yamin are the best attorneys who provided the best services to me and I’m sure he will help YOU out as much as they helped me!

Food for thought for the public: Always make sure you have really good car insurance coverage because you NEVER know when you will be involved in a car accident (whether it’s a serious one or not). If you ever get rear ended or hit by another car and you are not at fault and you are worried about your injury, and money (medical bills)… Make sure to call Nick and Steve because they will take care of you 120%… But make sure you have GREAT COVERAGE !

Elie A

‘Helpful’ is not an adequate enough word that can describe my experience with Nick Movagar. I got into a significant accident on the day of my graduation that involved more than two vehicles. With limited funds and insurance the only option I had was looking for a competent lawyer that would take and fight for my case. Admittedly I am severely suspect when it comes to dealing with lawyers and i must have gone through several pages on yelp before i felt comfortable enough to make the call to Nick’s office. As i stated from the beginning, ‘Helpful’ is a far understatement when trying to explain my experience with Nick Movagar and his practice. From the first meeting to the last Nick was not only concerned with the financial compensation (in which he was able to fully deliver)  but I feel as if he expressed continuous interest in my overall well-being. His attention to detail and his excellence in communication with me as his client kept me calm and secure during the duration of the legal process. Nick is everything you would want in a lawyer; loyal, committed, passionate, and empathetic to you and your needs not only his client but as an individual and  human being.  I cannot express how much gratitude i have for his practice and offer my highest and most sincere recommendation for Nick Movagar.  THANK YOU NICK!

Gregory R

I had an accident at a venue and had to get knee surgery. My initial lawyer wasn’t helpful at all and literally did nothing with my case. I was constantly dodged by him, and felt like I was just another case, rather than a human being with a knee injury. To make matters worse, the opposing party filed for bankruptcy and I thought my case was over. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, I found Movagar & Yamin through a friend and they took my case. From the beginning, they were very thorough, explained their strategy to me, and listened to my concerns. They were always available to take my calls/and answer my emails. Unlike my previous lawyer who I barely even spoke to,
unless I sent him a minimum of three emails.
Movagar & Yamin immediately began working on my case by lifting the bankruptcy stay in federal court and filing a lawsuit! Talk about progress! They were very aggressive lawyers. They explained everything to me. They then hired an expert to inspect the business establishment. We were able to get a terrific result. I wish I had initially hired this duo. Anyone injured should call them. They are the best.

Deborah R

I have never been so satisfied with a business as I am with Nick Movagar as my attorney. I didnt know lawyers like him existed! He is so on top of his game its unreal. He actually cares about what you need and whats in your best interest. He returns emails and calls promptly, is nothing but polite as can be and seems to me like a GENUINELY good person. Thank you so much Nick! It was a pleasure to work with you. = )

Tammi L

I give MOVAGAR & YAMIN my highest recommendation! I was referred to Steve Yamin by another satisfied client after getting rear-ended and injured by an unlicensed driver. I was afraid that I would have to front the cost of repairs and medical bills. But within 24 hours after my accident Mr Yamin took my case and soon after I was in the hands of a physical therapist. Steve was attentive to both my physical well being as well as my legal representation during the entire process. Steve assured me that all of my collision and medical bills would be covered and they were; today I got a call from Steve that my case had been settled and that I would receive my compensation. I’m grateful for his outstanding service and that he fought for me. If you’ve been injured, be assured that Mr Yamin will offer you outstanding representation. Thanks for everything!

Felipe S

Words can’t describe how happy I am with these guys!! Movagar & Yamin represented me for my car accident case and got me an amazing result for my injuries!! I’m literally in shock at how much they got for me!! Plus, my personal attorney Steve Yamin was always there for me anytime I needed him or had a question, day or night, weekends. This firm is literally THE BEST!!! If you’ve been injured in an accident you must call them. Highly recommended  Five stars all the way around!

Daniel F

I’m so blessed to have found Nick Movagar, I was involved in an auto accident in February 2015, not only was I hurt but my vehicle was pretty damaged too. I found him on yelp and since the reviews were really good I decided to give it him an try, I’m so glad I did he’s very professional and very caring also he would call me to remind me of doctors appointments and to ask me how was I doing, when o needed to talk to h he was always there not like other lawyers that once you sign papers you never hear from them! Not Nick he was always there when I needed him and the best part was that not only he got me an amazing settlement the whole process only took 7 months!!! If you were not sure if you should give this firm a try I highly recommend it, I hope j don’t get in an accident any time soon but if I do I would definitely come back here I would recall my family and friends…thank you so much Nick

Carol S

This firm was amazing in handling my car accident case. From day one, Nick and his team were there for me and helped me get the right medical treatment for my injuries. In the end, they got me an amazing, mind blowing settlement!! They are truly fantastic. Thank you Nick and Steve and all the people at Movagar & Yamin

Sanford J

I did a lot of searching for an attorney after my motorcycle accident. And I just happened to stumble upon Movagar and Yamin, I have to say it was the best decision of my life. Not only did Nick settle the case in a very timely manner he also kept me up to date with every step. If I ever need an attorney again they will be my first choice.

Ryan S